My senior year in high school was great. So I'm set to graduate in May. Me and my bestie Jen was sitting on the bleachers after school on Monday. We were joking around about taking our underwear off and throwing them at a boy he's cute. So I took my underwear off because I was wearing a skirt and it was easy. Jen had on pants so it wasn't as easy for her. We sat there while we were waiting for the boys to start running. About then I felt a hand between my legs and a finger quickly slipped in me. I stood up in shock to find a couple junior boys under the bleachers. They had seen me take my underwear off. I acted like I was upset so Jen would yell at them but truth is I like one of the boys so it was exciting. Now Jen thinks I should go to the dean, but I just want her to drop it.

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  • Are you kidding? Those boys were just trying to have a little fun. Isn't that what your p**** is for? Shouldn't that be your job? i think you should contact those boys and let them come over and play with your naked body. Let them really touch your t**** and c***. please them in any way you can. Maybe s*** their d****. Don't just be a tease.

  • Gotta love a schoolie that wats her p**** used, love it with no hair

  • Add me on snapchat andyc2104

  • You are seriously pathetic.

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