Jessie smollett is a hero

Black people be like Jessie smollett is a hero, the justice system prevailed.
No b****, the justice system prevailing would have been evidence to charge someone with 16 felony charges, standing before a judge or jury of your peers, and being judged depending on the testimony. The verdict either way would have been justice.
All Jessie smollett accomplished was let everyone know he has politically corrupt friends who can buy him out of trouble. He's not a hero, he's a racist f****** n*****.

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  • His name is jussie. Not Jessie, you dumb stupid idiot. I hate when white people change black people names. He is not African American. So stop calling these black people that. Slavery is over. There are no more Toby in this world. Only kunte kinte.

  • System is broken in every way so who cares move on

  • True. Hope that lying loser gets what comes to him

  • ….yall gotta quit downin Jussie ….. he aint deserve yall sheete…… yall gotta GIT ONDA FAGWAGON!!!!

  • He need a beating

  • He is a hero to the useless and weak. He is a fake man, doing fake work. He will never be respected by anyone that matters. So I guess that means you don’t matter. Stupid

  • #fakeman #fakework #blowjobnigger

  • He belongs in Hollyweird with the rest of the scumbags.

  • Just like your hero, the failed reality show host

  • And that old fart who mutters at empty chairs!

  • He's not a hero. He's a criminal. And he should be treated like one. What will happen now is that the culture will return him to the role he wanted: victim.

  • You're right and it's already happening. He should be in jail right now: instead, he's on a pedestal. F****** n***** f**......

  • This guy hides in the closet.

  • Hero? No. Negro? Yes. That is all he is.

  • And a faggy one at that!!

  • At least JS is open to who he truly is and honest about it. You shouldn't front for perceptions or lie to yourself to avoid reprisal from bigoted friends. Ijs.

  • You are D-E-L-U-D-E-D. He's pure filth. He's a trash bag. He's untalented. If he weren't black and gay, he couldn't get work flipping pancakes at Waffle House. He's a worthless POS. Stop defending him: you're embarrassing yourself.

  • Just admit you're attracted to JS buddy. You're hatred towards him is sounds more like an unbridled desire to have him have his way with you.
    Closeted guys like you are so transparent!
    It's ok to be who you truly are.

  • Sorry, dude. He's a black POS, and he'll never be anything more than that.

  • So what gives you moral high ground to call someone a pos.
    Are they lying swimmers also POS's
    or the tweeter dog whistling race baiter, cheating on his wife(s), grab'em by the p**** with 16 other accussers plus 3 baby Mama's paying off p*** stars for losy f**** a POS?

  • Yes. Those are also a POS.

  • I am African American and usually I would take offense to calling anyone a n*****. In this case he is a racist n*****.

  • Takes one to know one!
    Own it so your lack of intelligence will feel less ignorant.

  • If I could wave a magic wand, I'd take all the charged energy out of that word so that it applies to trash of all colors. Different races aren't the problem, trashy a$$holes are!!

  • A n***** is not black, but rather a POS. There are black n******, white n******, brown n******, red n******, and just plain n***** n******.

  • I'm sure the rest of the world is in total agreement with your attempt to redefine a socially hot word. Try yelling it at a non-black person the next time you are surrounded by mostly black people and tell us how that works out for you.

  • …...n******...………..who give a f***.....everybody already know they lyin' POS...….

  • He's living his best life. Take note & move on to more productive things like counseling on why you type the n word in anonymous blogs.
    What POS really hurt you so you venting displaced anger at people who your actually mad at.

  • Don't forget!
    Hes a dirty cocksuckingfaggot as well!!!

  • He's openly a happy person whose into same s** relationship(s). I bet you're truly mad but refuse to admit you're actually attracted to him & wishes he was to you.
    Come on it's a step towards honesty & less bigotry!

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