Embarrassed By Co Worker

I was laughing at a co worker for a mistake she made. She didn't think it was funny. In front of the entire office she pulled me over her knee, yanked down my trousers and underwear and spanked me.

Everyone was taking pictures with their phones. I was so embarrassed. I never laughed at her again.

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  • Dont think it happened but you could probably sue for sexual assault

  • *listed under things that never happened*

  • Really? If this were really true then there would be pictures on the internet. You say Everyone was taking photos so they would post them. I am a spanking enthusiast. I love it. It consumes me. I enjoy spanking. I am a s*****. I enjoy being spanked. I am a m********. I enjoy watching it live and I enjoy watching videos and I enjoy looking at photos.

    But I roll my eyes at you. Why bother/

  • I would spank you nice and soundly on your bare bottom just because you like it.

  • Well first you need to actually grow up and get a job. Then once you are in the real world and not living with mommy and daddy, you will understand just how stupid your story really is. In other words, this would never happen.

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