Walk of shame

I was sitting on the baseball field bleachers with my high school girl friends, when we saw a teacher walking towards the boys shower room to investigate what the screaming was all about. Apparently he caught a senior boy towel whipping a younger boy. He was so mad at him he dragged him out side by his ear and all the way to the principal's office completely naked. I remember we all rushed off the bleachers to get a closer look. I remember boys laughing watching girls having a party looking at his white butt and swigging d*** all the way across field a into the principal's office. By the time they handed him a towel to cover up, half the girls in school had seen him in his stark naked. I still think the teacher did it on intentionally to humiliate him. As far as my girl friends and I, it was the h******* thing that ever happed in school.

Oct 2, 2021

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  • He deserved it. When I was a kid he'd have also gotten the paddle. Or in school suspension. Or both.

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