My son is a wimp.

I'm worried about my son. He's 14. He's almost as tall as his classmates but he still has a boyish face and a highpitched voice. He gets his feelings hurt easily.

I'm worried that he will be a wimp. He's overly forgiving and has a timid disposition. His cousin pushed him down and he did nothing about it. I've had to convince him that he has the right to defend himself. I've taught him mixed martial arts for many years but I'm not sure that he'll be able to use it as I doubt he has it in him.

Apr 8, 2019

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  • Let me penetrate in you infront of him may be he will become a man

  • The only place that this would happen is in your twisted fantasies, so enjoy them.

  • Get him some boxing gloves and have dad spar with him. Get him a speed bag too, and make him practice at least 30 minutes a day. F*** homework, he needs to man up. Watching g******* p*** where guys are f****** women senselessly without care for her well being might be good too.

  • Maybe he has a high pitched voice cause hes a bit of a late bloomer, and not everyone person has to solve every issue with some sort of martial arts. Being apologetic isnt really being a wimp it's just mature and passive behaviour. You cant really expect fighting to solve any of his problems as that just doesnt seem like what he wants to do. According to psychology if a person is more introverted stress and anger is built up over time and they bottle it up meaning when they recieve to much it hurts them much more and that will be why he gets his feelings hurt so easily. Any maybe the cousin is just an arsehole, so you should really try and do something about that instead of trying to convince your son to fight them back.

    Just let him mature a bit

  • Maybe you should buy him some girls clothes. Appeal to his feminine side. These days anyway, the girls are on top. The leaders. Us men are f*****.

  • The nearest MGTOW is over to your right, next to a big box of fresh Kleenex. Boo hoo

  • Don’t worry about it. The new adult work world requires men to be total p******. The biggest p****** do the best. It may suck now but he’ll be making the money that women really want later on.

  • Maybe it's not about using fists to defend himself and using words. Look your kid is sensitive, that's not a bad thing. Sure, you want him to be reactive and take charge and clearly that is not who he is and may never be. But that doesn't make him weak or a wimp. At 14, he is probably just very young and immature still and lacking a lot of self esteem. He's not confident in his abilities. As his father, aside from showing him how to fight (which doesn't always solve all problems), show him other ways of how to be a man.

  • Here's the BEST way to get him to use his martial arts. Find some older boys who will grab him and tear off ALL his clothes in front of girls from his school!
    The experience of being forced to stand in his birthday suit with girls ogling his "privates", then having to face these girls every day from then on is GUARANTEED to "man him up"!

  • This may sound like unsound advice but here it goes. Get him a h*****. Make sure it's a good one. Make sure she's disease free. If you don't do this now he's going to turn gay.

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