Big surprise!

We are swingers. We don't advertise it and lead a normal family life. Occasionally when our child is with his grandparent we take the opportunity to have some fun. Last weekend was one of those occasions.
We belong to an adult swinger website. We communicated with several single males and made arrangements for an evening where the wife would be "outnumbered" by our male guests.
Saturday arrived. We rented a hotel room. As wife showered and put on a sexy outfit I pulled out the laptop and sent the room number to the males we invited. We hoped to have at least five or more males show up and set 7pm for a start time.
Well at 7pm on the nose there was the first knock on the door. By 7:15 three males had showed up. The guys were anxious so the fun began. It was great! I was taking some video and pics when another male knocked. I opened the door and got the surprise of my life! There stood our youth pastor from church!!! He had a clear view of the bed where my wife was on all 4's taking c*** in her p**** and mouth! I didn't know what to say and stuttered like an idiot. I could see he was shocked as well. He stepped inside. He is a younger guy and at our church he teaches youth Sunday school and directs youth activities. And he is MARRIED! When my wife looked up from her activities she freaked out. She grabbed the covers and tried to hide.
Well the secrets were out and there was no going back. After we all got over the shock he undressed and joined in. The evening went well but church on Sunday should be interesting.

Oct 5, 2021

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  • By the end of our third year of marriage, my wife and I had worked our way up to try swinging. Worrying about being recognized slowed us down the most and had us driving far from home to try it out. Despite only attending parties FAR from home we've ran into a few we recognized.

    By far, my wife's favorite was our first recognition. He was a former teacher of my wife's old High School. Even though he was never HER teacher, it was close enough for my wife to life out a fantasy. The next was a former female coworker of my wife and her husband. This was the first time my wife was VERY eager to watch me bed another woman start to finish. My mechanic and his wife were frequent swingers long before we got started but somehow we missed them for a few years before we realized we knew the same people for the same reasons. The best was a Mormon couple. She was the most skilled in bed and though she was brilliant, highly educated and accomplished, during play time she loved to play the blonde submissive bimbo.

    For me, my favorite playmate was a coworker. We had an attraction and while considering starting an affair and cheating on our spouses, our spouses brought up swinging again. We put two and two together and then 'ran into' each other there and swung with them. We ended up swinging with them for nearly ten years.

  • Mid 80's Wife (Sally) and I met a couple (Jill and Bob) at our neighbors party. The 4 of us are easily the best looking and youngest (early 30's) there. Sally and Jill go to the same large church and vaguely know each other. In no time Bob looks like he's hitting on Sally -- moving her away from Jill and I. I dismiss it -- his wife is here. Just being a little too friendly with Sally but she's enjoying the attention from a handsome young man. Jill get touchy feelie with me. I'm enjoying it. We drift away to a wooed area, kiss and feel each other up. Drinks are flowing freely and the other 2 are missing. They come back from our house and looks like Sally doesn't have a bra on and looks disheveled. Jill notices "I think Bob f***** Sally." And the dumb ass didn't put her bra back on. It's no holds barred now and Jill and I f*** like p*** stars in her Honda Odyssey a mile away, We go home Sally says we'll deal with it tomorrow. We both admit everything. And for 2 years we swap with them. BTW, they're rookies too. Soon after it's like swappers have a dog whistle and gravitate to each other, We swap with 6 couples in all before we swear it off in our 50s.. Sally admits to ruining into Bob a couple years ago and gave him a b****** for old times sake. Her in Jill chat after church.

  • Wife and I got surprised once when we had a guy over for a bit of fun. After, we were relaxing, and he asked if it would be OK if he brought over a friend next time. We just laughed and said why not?
    Wife did ask what he looked like, he said he was tall and a real nice guy, he just didn't date much and that she would probably like him.
    The guy turned out to be her Doctor, who she sees regularly, since she works for him as his receptionist. Our friend and her Doctor are on a bowling team together.
    Turns out her Doctor has a kinky streak. There was a bit of blushing and being uncomfortable, but with the Cat out of the bad, we all went ahead.
    She still works there, but nothing ever happens at work.

  • We are a swinging couple. One day I (husband) was at work talking to a co worker. She asked me about another couple we knew from s** parties. It surprised me so I asked "how do you know them"? She replied, "the same way you do". A week later we were hooking up with my co worker and her husband.

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