When I was 8 years old my best friend (aged 9) invited me to his older brother's
birthday party. The deal was that every boy and girl in the 5th grade was invited to an outdoor pool party and my friend was allowed to invite one person and that was me. My friend's older brother had ALWAYS been abusive to him. On this day he took it too far and paid the price. He came up behind his brother and yanked his bathing suit down to his ankles, then held his arms over his head so he couldn't cover himself. He was forced to stand helplessly as over 30 people stared at his bald circumcised p****. Even though I was small for my age, I charged his brother, knocking him to the ground, then started punching him. His Mom came outside and when she found out what happened, she stormed inside then came out a moment later with a belt.
She grabbed the 12 year old and tied his hands to a tree branch over his head.
When she started untying the drawstring to his bathing suit he started crying and begging her to let him go. But she ignored him, pulling his suit down to his ankles and making him step out of them. We could all see that he was uncircumcised and had 4 little scraggly pubic hairs. His Mom invited us to walk up close to him, then started whipping him as he bawled like a baby.
After about 30 seconds he became erect and we all starred wide eyed as the head of his p**** poked it's way out of his foreskin. His Mom said she had to stop his whipping until his "HARD-ON" went away, so he stood there for almost 3 minutes as his entire class watched. I couldn't help but notice that all the boys had their eyes glued to his crotch, but that the girls kept looking at his face, his p****, then back again. It was at least 5 minutes before she untied him, then ordered him to go to his room.
Even though he sort of deserved it, I think she took it too far. Has anyone else witnessed (or experienced) a punishment like this?

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  • That women does not deserve to be a mother, it's that simple.

  • I routinely got beat with a 3" wide razor strap (leather strap) amongst other items. I escaped when I was 17 and lived on the streets but I still finished school. It was hard to say the least but it was better than a brutal father at home.

  • I'm sorry that you were treated that way and I'm glad you overcame it, but did
    your father force your underwear down in front of others as he beat you?

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