My boyfriends mother is ruining everything

I can't take it anymore. I can't take her neediness and manipulative tactics. The only time my boyfriend and I argue is because of her. Nothing else. Because I can't stand her controlling behavior and how self-absorbed she is. She gives orders before she asks about your day. She only cares about how you are when it affects what you can do for her. Any other time she devalues my boyfriend but when I'm around that's when she decides to treat him the way he deserves because she feels threatened by anything that might take them away. I have no sympathy for this woman. Not anymore. The way she treats the people around her is horrible. For f***'s sake, see that way your actions are affecting your sons. Take responsibility and hold accountability for the way you affect them instead of deflecting and projecting your own bullshit then LYING about it when it blows up in your face. Never met such a manipulative c*** in my life. No wonder her husband left her years ago.

Apr 15, 2019

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  • Let her go f*** herself

  • Tell her too f*** off.

  • The b****

  • Tell us more.
    *eats popcorn *
    Something sadistic that she was caught with. Or one of those blow up in her face stories.

  • Let us hate her for you. :)

  • Your boyfriend needs to fix this. You can't. If he doesn't do it, then he's a puss and you need to leave his sorry ass. Stop wasting your time.

  • OP here - I agree with you and that's what the root of most of our arguments was about. I finally admitted to him that as selfish as it was, I want him on my side. As in, I want him to believe me when I point out her bad tendencies and to quit enabling her. I told him our lives and especially our relationship would be better if she wasn't living with us because she is the source of so much chaos - including his anxiety. We get along just fine until we have to deal with her.

    It's probably not what he wanted to hear, but it felt good to get that off my chest, and we haven't gotten into an argument since. I realized that it isn't worth my energy nor is it up to me to get him to "wake up" to her behavior. I am slowly accepting things for what they are while trusting that the truth always comes out, eventually. Low and behold, he's starting to see the negative impact she has on his life without me even saying a word and taking action by enforcing boundaries. Funny how life works.

  • She most likely was regularly f****** her son.

    And is p***** off he with you. She use to having his c*** when she wants it.

    He the submissive husband she wanted.

  • OP here - trust me, that is so not the case! My boyfriend sees through her bs and he doesn't like it either. On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if she and her eldest son have that sort of relationship. Those two are a little too close for just mother and son. They have what is called an emotional in c estuous relationship. I wouldn't be surprised if it was physical.

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