Dad and Me bliss

I like my husband he is a good guy. 3 years ago we got married when I was 27.

But hands down no one makes me feel more alive and loved than my father.

My husband only wants to have s** twice a month. He also hated giving me oral.

Dad on the other hand is a sexual dynamo, and we make love almost every day. As we own a business together, we have the time and privacy to make love when we want. Which is often. Dad loves to eat my p**** and I love to give him head and swallow.

Since I was 20, he has been my lover, I started wanting him back when I was 13, but fought the urge to come on to him for years.

Dad makes me c** every time and he is very large, 8 inches. To be honest, I have never c** with my husband and his c*** is only 5 inches.

Both of my kids are from Dad not my husband. But he doesn't have a clue, I think I married him only so I could have kids with dad and no one would question it.

Dad makes time for me 24/7, no wonder I love him so much.

Dad, says no woman can please him like I can. We both wish we had started sooner.


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  • Nice i am 24 i have a 7 year old daughter and we f*** every day and she is the only one who can make me c** as big of loads as i do. she has the best p**** in the world. when is hits puberty i will get her pregnant. fathers f****** there biological daughter is so nice. it is such a turn on.

  • I'd love to watch you do that and maybe get her into b**********.

  • That is a beautiful story

  • This made me c** so hard. I love young p**** as well.

  • Sigh.
    All fake s***.
    I bet $100 that EVERY mother/son, daughter/father,siblings and family incest posts are written by THISCUNT!!!!!!!!
    We have no interest in your poorly scripted lame erotica.
    Go die.

  • Ewwww....we r proud go get some help

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