I love being fat

Used to be really thin. metabolism got f***** after I recovered from an eating disorder and i gained weight back really quickly. about 20 pounds or so. i was incredibly insecure at first, but i soon grew to enjoy the slight, small belly I had. since then I’ve gained around 30 lbs, partially on purpose. my gut hangs over my pants even when I’m standing and jiggles when I touch it. i have a noticeable muffin top. i thoroughly enjoy playing with my new fat, it’s honestly kind of sexy. anyone else like being chubby?

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  • Nah. I like my gf skinny. I like to starve her. I control what she eats and punish her if she eats without permission. Sometimes it's a bit scary when she feints.

  • Also,your one of the slobs who says the same b.s. on everyone elses posts,you are in serious need of a life fool

  • Still haven't learned how a dictionary works, little "control freak"? You can't rule over other people if you can't master basic language.

  • What,when fencing? She feints?
    Yes that's right,we've had this conversation before.

  • Yes i love chubby bitchess alot so much to eat and wave goes through their boobss when u thrust them i enjoy that

  • You're of indian origin aren't you? ^^

  • Yeah so ?

  • So, I could tell that from the style of your writing.
    Paan chode

  • U fuckingg troll....u spent your whole day b******* around....saale chutiye

  • Have you got moobs yet?

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