A lot of stress even though objectively I'm financially good

I have had a very good job, paying around 190K. My wife also makes about 120K, we do not live in an expensive city, and our net worth is currently about 900K, I think it will go over 1 million this year. Also, my spouse is likely to be able to keep her job. We just became 40.

Financially we are in a good shape, however I have been under a lot of stress. My job is very stressful-- it requires an advanced degree and the job is soul-sucking. You have to go through a lot of arrogant p*****, and it requires a lot of dedication, but I cannot take my field seriously (I did it for money, no passion -- and seriously this s*** does not matter) and I'm just not willing to put up with the s***. Consequently, my performance has not been that great and it is almost certain that I won't be able to keep it more than a couple of years.

I guess it is not too bad .. I get to make additional 300K for the next two years, my spouse's job is relatively secure. However I have been feeling just terrible. I haven't had any good feedback from pretty much anything this spring so far -- only negative s*** from these people who are only better than me at working hard. I hate these "not that smart but working hard" people ... they just produce more s*****, meaningless stuff and make other's life miserable because now I also have to work hard. I have been trying applying to several places but no luck.

I know some people will think that I'm an ungrateful f***, but these kind of stressful jobs produce a lot of stress. I can see some colleagues, who actually works hard at this meaningless s***, ages almost in real time. In 3-4 years one guy's hair became very white prematurely, I'm assuming due to stress. I honestly think this "work hard" culture is just terrible for everyone. Work is not an inherently good thing. Go read "In Praise of Idleness" by Bertrand Russell. We will be much happier if we take work less seriously.

Anyway, I'm just writing these to remind myself of the good things I have. I should focus on the good things, and stop giving a s*** to these p*****. I'm meeting a counselor tomorrow and I will b**** to him I guess. Anyway, thanks for reading, it actually feels pretty good to write this.

Apr 23, 2019

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  • Don't worry about these people; they're bitter that they don't have the financial success you have...with that being said, make as much money as you can than bail out for your own sake. I don't make nearly as much as you, but I know I'm being groomed for a promotion that I will not take because even though it pays more, my quality of life would take a hit...

  • Are you a teenage girl? That's the boilerplate brain-free response to anyone who doesn't kiss someone's butt- they're either "bitter" or "jealous". But hey, great language skills for someone who never once engaged their cerebrum while typing. *Joker clap*

  • Funny how much is expected of one in high paying careers

  • Yeah, almost as much as those who work three jobs with no benefits or job security.

  • "Hi. I just wanna humblebrag about ludicrous amounts of money and then claim I have a soul."

    Not sure what else you were planning to get out of this bilge, but that's what I'm hearing, and my ears are in great shape, so...

  • Yep, I say f*** him

  • Then quit.
    Go work at wallmart and be happy.
    Otherwise FUCKOFF

  • Dude are you having a bad day? Your replies all have a major tude going. Go have a drink and chill out.

  • You know for a fact which person posts which replies? I don't think so. Go stick your head in a deep fryer so you quiet down.

  • Lol,I was as a matter of fact 😁 but still,these morons on here do my nut in!

  • Too many morons, not enough bullets

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