I get spanked everyday

My friend spanks me every single day because I do some... things.... that I “shouldn’t be doing at 13” like having s**, smoking, drinking (like dumb high and dumb wasted) skipping school, skipping class, being “disrespectful” idek it’s sum bs but he spanks me every single day now and my ass hurts like h*** and I’m not with this f*** s***. Anyways I have to post on here and ask EXACTLY how I should be spanked and what after punishment. So don’t bother saying any stupid s*** unless ur gonna day exactly how it should happen. (Ex🙄: all bare, 50 hand, 100 wood spoon, 30 paddle, 60 belt and then stand in the corner for 30 mins, then a hanging wedgie for 10) he made me put that s*** btw so yeah

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  • Do get banged every day

  • I hate my c*** mom

  • Yawn yawn FUCKINGYAWN

  • Get lost

  • Sick of these lame spanking posts

  • Tell my b**** mom that

  • I would put you in diaper position

  • Hi and you need to change your attitude young lady...

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