I wish my stepson would die from a accident or just go away

I’ve been married for three years now with my wife, and I had my first child who’s just turned two today and my wife who turned 30 were born on the same day. Me and my wife have been together a total of 4 years, so exactly a year later of dating we married, during that year we lived in different countries she was a childhood crush from my motherland growing up. I grew up with a abusive step father for awhile and always told my self I will not get with a women who has a kid. Well my dumbass got with my wife giving her a break because I always had something for her, her f****** son is by far the craziest person I ve know to date at only 6 years old turning 7 next month. All the warning signs were there when I first met him, he has a face only god and her mother could love, kid has this dumb ass Down syndrome face and these ugly ass horse teeths he inherited from his coke head father and family. His father low life wannabe thug self who’s parents had money and are professional but he wanted to act like a thug and got sent to prision 😂😂😂 I hate myself at times for putting myself in this situation in the first place, I’m beyond depressed I dread coming home to see him and just want to beat him to death at times. Crazy! I’ve never hated someone as much as this kid, the warning signs were when I go to Dominican Republic he would s*** and p*** on him self ok fine he’s 2-3 at the time not a big deal, but his face he would give to me of hate was beyond devil type and it was cynical look of a serial killer to this day he still does that face. I would try to play with him and was a little smart m*********** and smacked me, that’s when I knew I hated this m***********. Well where I shot myself in the foot is when I did the papers for my wife to come over I included her dumbass son, thats where all the promblems began. Comes to America and right away I see his gay tendency, dances like a female, talks like a female plays females games, covers his ears to lid noises and cries like a b**** like a girl had to sleep with light on like a little p****. He beyond’s makes me irk, oh yeah his pipí and s***** booty promblem didn’t go away he la almost 7 and needs his mom to whip his ass he s**** himself probably every other day when his dumb beyond lazy ass be watching YouTube instead of going to a bathroom. I’ve caught him even playing with his p*** in bed, like how can I not go nuts man. He has pushed my daughter at only a few month old for no reason, he has gotten me in trouble with DCF investaginf me because i punish him. I’ve smacked him, talked to him nice talked to him hard, took way stuff he likes, put him on timeout, took him out to do stuff he likes, nothing. Even took his crazy ass to see a therapist, he’s affected my work marriage and my own child relationship, I have to deal with his crazy antics and have to take all the time I can be loving my daughter to deal with his dumb s***. The reason why I’m writing this is because I wish the worst for him, I’m sorry I’m saying it but I do. I won’t do it ever because I wouldn’t go to jail for a coke head lowlife scums so , but I pray to god to just get him out my life whatever way possible, yesterday at my daughters and wife birthday my brother girlfriend was talking to him to calm down in the bounce house and he kicked her right in the stomach 😂 I can’t make this s*** up, oh yeah baseball. Yeah! I was the head coach, and he literally hit all the parents. This kid continues to embarrass me and all types of form and shape, I hate to even walk next to him because automatically people thinks he’s my blood, f*** that saying your wife’s kid is yours now the f*** he ain’t 😂😂😂 my daughter couldn’t be 180* different then him she’s a complete sweetheart and this kid is a devil. My daughter is 2 and know and does more then this kid he’s beyond immature and I really want to say the coke his father did probably jacked up his son. He’s definitely a crack baby lol what about when I had my mother take care of him he s****** himself he took the s*** and hid it under her expensive couches the the other crap he had he grabbed wiped it in the wall, what about when the only time my daughter has fallen from anything it was in his bed and his little sister crying like crazy you think this m*********** even took his eyes off the tv to check on his sister was ok, I haven’t left my wife because of my daughter I want to be a part of her life on the daily but also my happiness and being said is more important I hate this m*********** tomorrow I’m taking the dumb motherucker to Miami to spend the summer on his family dime back to Dominican Republic I pray to god his father and grandma doesn’t send him back to me I hate my wife now because she sees what type of kid she gots and she doesn’t care f*** him don’t want to pay nothing for him not even a dime. I hate that I have to take him anywhere with me and my daughter, vacation, restaurant he doesn’t deaver my hard work being a veteran and make way over 6 figures and the american life he needs to live in poverty still hate he’s actually living a Better childhood then me F*** him off my hard work

21 days

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