Furious is an understatement

This morning my step mom found my stash, Not weed, I wish, Not p***, I wish, Well...P*** pictures and video of her, When her and my dad got together 5 years ago she was probably the hottest woman I had ever seen, Tall & slim, Brunette, Beautiful eyes and big b******, amazing legs, I could go on and on.
I have spent 4 years spying on her every since I was 15 and started taking pictures and video whenever I could, I went to shower this morning and she came into my room to put something away, I had left my computer unlocked on my desk and she says she glanced at the screen and seen a file that said (Erin's hottness) and tried to unlock it but there is a code on it.
When I came out of the bathroom she was sitting in the chair at my desk in my room looking upset, I said "Uh...Hi", She said what's this and pointed to the file, I looked and said "Oh...Uh...I dated a girl named Erin", She looked at me and said "No you haven't", I was very obviously nervous and freaking out a bit, She said "Unlock it", I right clicked and hit delete and she just leaned back and looked at me, She shook her head and said "REALLY?", She said "I'm not stupid" and pushed me away, She went into my trashcan and recovered it saying "Unlock it...NOW". My hands were shaky and sweating as I punched in my code.
She clicked on it and opened it she opened the first of two files staring at the icons, She put her head down and sighed then looked at me, Back at the screen, The first 20 or so which was all the icons she could see were of her in various bikinis in and out of the hot tub on the deck from different windows where I could see her, I said "I'm sorry, I'll delete them" hoping she would just walk away and leave it at that but she clicked on the first picture opening it up and stared at a picture of her from 4 years ago pulling down a pair of shorts as she bends over in a bikini, She looked at me and shook her head then clicked the next one.
Erin has always been super sweet and nice but now as she sat there her body language, Posture and over all stance was just angry, She scrolled through to picture 10 which is from above as she lays in a lounger pulling her top out looking down it with one of her big nips showing, She took a deep breath and let out an angry sigh shaking her head, I said "Please stop, I'll delete them all", She looked at me and said "Sit". I pulled up a stool and sat down still in just my towel, At picture 20 which is from behind her looking down her body with just a hint of nipple peeking out I started to panic because I knew what was next.
She clicked next and said "Oh no", It's her standing at the sink in the bathroom topless taken through the window, She put her hand on the desk staring at the screen angrily tapping her fingernails on the desk, The pictures are all cataloged by type rather than date so I knew I had a little bit of time to beg before she got to the really bad stuff but every time I started to talk she shushed me. I seriously thought about ripping my laptop away and smashing it and should have but didn't, A dozen more pictures of her in the bathroom getting ready or getting in or out of the shower and I knew s*** was about to go bad.
Picture 33 is her standing at the sink, Looking down, Legs spread shaving, She shook her head and clicked again to one of her looking at her side profile, Shaved bald, Facing the window and the next zoomed in on her v*****, I could tell she was getting more angry but I also knew there was MUCH worse to come and I didn't know what she would do, She continued through pictures of her looking at herself in various mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom all through the windows. Next picture was a bad one, Her 40th birthday and she knew it, She clicked to a picture of her laying in bed, She had gotten pretty trashed and passed out in just a thong.
As she opened the picture she looked at herself laying half on her side with her butt showing, You can see half of her v***** and she stopped looked around the screen and found the date, Thought for a second and nodded saying "My 40th...two years ago...Great...Is there more?...Should I stop now?" I said "Please stop" but she didn't, Next one was a close up of her face and one b***, Next was legs and ass, Next one...the next one made her stop, She looked up at the wall blankly with her hands together in fists in front of her mouth, It was her from behind with her thong pulled to the side, Hooked over one cheek to keep it there. She said "Aaannd how did that happen?", I said "I did it", She said "You touched me?", I nodded and she said "Do I want to see more? or do I need to call the police".
Yeah, Of course I started begging her not to, I was apologizing and she stared at me, When she turned back to the screen I said "Please don't" but she did, Next picture was her with me spreading her cheeks showing her v***** and butt hole, She closed her eyes and put her head down then swallowed and sniffled, Wiped her eyes and started clicking through a few more pictures until she got to her hand wrapped around my d***, Her hand is obviously wet with pre come, she clicked twice more and got to me, Kneeling on the bed with my k*** touching her lips and she said "Oh god" she clicked again and through a whole series of pictures of me rubbing pre come on her lips and working her lips apart putting my k*** in her mouth, She stopped at a picture of me with my k*** in her mouth holding her b*** and she gagged, She covered her mouth and gagged again.
Erin looked at me and from the furor in her eyes I thought she was going to burst out and start screaming at me, She clicked some more and got to me standing behind her, A hand towel laid on her hip, Me with one finger in her v***** and my thumb in her butt and my c*** in my other hand with a load of come on the hand towel and dripping down her butt cheek, She said "Oh my f***..." and gagged again, That was the worst of that and the rest were just various pictures of her two d****'s and her underwear. I didn't know if she was going to start crying or punch me in the face but she clicked back and then said "Do I even want to open this one?", I shook my head no but she did.
She angrily watched 12 videos, All from the bedroom window, First one is Her on her knees sucking off my dad, Second one is her and dad 69, Third again giving head, Fourth is her and dad banging and is quite long finishing with a messy load in and around her mouth, Fifth is her on the bed using her d**** while dad jerks on her b****, Sixth is her alone with her d**** and made her say "F***, Is nothing sacred", Seventh is her doggy while they watch p***, Eighth is her alone again but with both d***** and one in each hole and made her say "F****** lovely", Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh are more of her and dad and the last one is from eight months ago, Dads 45th, She sits on his face and he lifts her by her butt, Slides down and tosses her salad as she squats over his face, Holding herself up with the headboard, After a marathon session with a lot going on she gets on her knees and puts her shoulders and head on the bed, Dad licks her butt and she moans as he f***** her in the ass while she works her c*** with a vibrator then pulls out and shoots his load up her back and onto the side of her face which apparently made her mad by her reaction in the video.
I looked at her and she had tears running down her cheek, She said "Delete it...All of it...Now" I did and she said "From your trash can" so I did. She got up and left the room. I haven't left my room and haven't seen her yet but I don't know what's going to happen. At the very least I know I will be out of their house, If not in jail or dead. I know dad is not home until supper and she won't tell him over the phone, I have a backup on a flash drive but do I clear it or hold onto it...No one knows about it but...

Apr 24, 2019

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  • Glad that you had a backup. Make a backup of the backup. How did dad react?

  • Well that was posted 22 ago. I wonder if the young man is still among the living or his dad wiped him off planet earth.

  • I got caught in the act of spying on my step sister, I thought everyone else was asleep and I heard the shower running, I carefully unlocked the door with a toothpick and I was sneaking a peek, Standing in the hallway and didn't hear her mom come down the stairs.
    Got caught standing there jerking it while she showered and she told my dad, We had a weird conversation with her asking if I was in love with my "Sister" and my dad just sitting there, I finally had to admit that I just liked her big b****. Oh well, Don't think anyone ever told her so whatever.

  • 😁 champion my friend!
    Bet it was worth it tho right?

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