I still feel awful.

I had s** with my best friends husband on their wedding night, We never did anything before and never did anything since and both felt awful about it but it happened and I still feel bad.
On their wedding night we had a wild reception at a resort that went on into the wee hours of the morning and when my husband and I got back to our hotel room we started hooking up and he literally passed out mid oral, He started going soft and I looked up and he was asleep.
I went out to the patio and as I lit a smoke I heard "What are you doing?", I looked over at their patio two doors down and he was sitting on their patio, I said "what are you doing?" he held up a cigarette and I giggled saying "Ahhh the post coital smoke", He said "Pffftt, Yeah...No", I said "Oh no she didn't?" he nodded yes, I said "well, I might as well smoke with you because that's why I am out here too".
He looked at me and said "Really?", I nodded, We sat there having a smoke and talking about how it was awful he didn't get to consummate his marriage and how my husband left me hanging, We were laughing about how both of them had passed out on us during oral, He reached over and pulled back their curtain and my best friend was passed out face down in just her garter and thigh highs.
A little background on me and him, I met him through my best friend, I walked into the kitchen one morning and he was standing there having a glass of water, He introduced himself and we sat down at the table talking, We have actually been pretty close every since as he is really nice and a good conversationalist, Back in the day he was a bit of a ladies man and I think before I knew him he probably got around, There was always a rumor about his package among our group but but other than one friend who said she walked in on him but didn't get a good look, no one could confirm it.
So needless to say that was always an intriguing point, Any time I brought it up to my friend she just made a joke about it and changed the subject, I have always struggled a bit with my weight but one thing that never fluctuated was my bra size, Since I was 12 I started to grow b**** and by 14 they were a main attraction with the boys since I was the only one at the time out of my friends who couldn't leave home without a bra and at the time they got married I was at what i felt was the best shape of my life, Still a bit bigger than some of my friends but I was feeling good about myself.
When I had left our room I had just tossed on a pair of shorts and my husband shirt, but he had just wrapped a towel around his waist, He joked about how knowing his wife she would have a 3 day hangover and probably wouldn't give it up until they were on their honeymoon which they flew straight out on in two days, We sat talking for 15 minutes or so and he had an obvious bulge under his towel, I jokingly brought it up and he blushed. I don't know why I asked but I said "So...Is it true?", He said "Is what true?" I told him that the friend who walked in on him said she caught a quick glimpse and it was huge.
He chuckled and said "Oh I don't know about all that, I've had it all my life so I think it's maybe...Above average", I said "And what do you call above average?", He looked down and then looked me right in the eyes and said "8", I was caught a bit off guard, I said "Yeah right" and he just laughed, I said "Prove it", He said "Nah, It's more fun to let you wonder", I grabbed my b**** through my shirt which at the time were a 36DDD and said "Ok, I'll show you mine if you show me yours", He thought for a second and then pulled the curtains back and checked to make sure she was still asleep.
We both sat on the edge of our loungers facing each other and he quickly flipped his towel back then covered himself again, He looked at me and I said "What...No, You have to let me see it", He opened his towel and leaned back and I sat in astonishment, He is all of 8 if not more, I sat staring and he covered himself up, He said "You can't ever tell anyone, Swear?". I coughed and all I could do was nod, I looked at him and said "Same goes for you" as I grabbed my shirt at the bottom and started pulling it up, I stopped with my nipples still covered half teasing and half considering bailing out but he hooked his finger under my shirt and tugged it up making by b**** bounce out, I was sitting hunched forward with my arms squeezing my b**** half covering them and he said "I sat back", I looked around and he check his wife one more time then I leaned back, He looked right at my chest then as I pulled my top down he said "When did you have a b*** job?", I said "What?" and he said "Those aren't real though" and I said 'Yeah, Of course they are", we palyfully bickered back and forth about whether or not they were natural and he said "Ok, Let me feel", Not even thinking I said "Oh, Now we are doing you feel mine and I'll feel yours", He thought for a second and pulled his towel open.
I didn't even think, I just reached out and grabbed it, Up until that point I had never seen anything like it and aside from one other guy I have never seen anything that big since (A black guy in costa rica and I grabbed my stuff and left in fear of what that thing would have done to me) but anyhoo, He had my b**** in his hands, I had this monster c*** in my hands and I mean hands, I had both hands on him touching every inch and holding his huge ball sack which filled one hand on it's own, I was not thinking and when he slid his hand up the leg of my shorts I let him and before I knew it I was laying back in the lounger on their patio, He straddled the lounger and I gave him head, He went down on me and then spread my legs.
We tried to quietly have s** 10 feet from his sleeping wife on the patio out in the open, Anyone could have caught us and when I came I can't believe no one did, I shoved my shirt in my mouth to stifle my sounds as I screamed and came harder than I ever have at any point in my life, I was literally gushing, We had to swap the lounger out after for one from the patio next to theirs, He pulled out and I swallowed, Well kind of, It was a huge load and a huge c*** in my mouth at the same time so basically it just ended up being a big mess and then he pulled back and said "squeeze them together", I squeezed my b**** together and he worked out a second load on my chest (So odd that he could come twice).
I used his towel to clean up and we awkwardly said good bye, I went back to my room and showered and sat there feeling like a w****. My friend later told me she had passed out and I just said "Oh, no" then she said when she woke up later the next morning she made it up to him...Twice.
I still feel terrible about it but it is a secret I'll take to the grave.


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  • My bestfriend dated a girl I had been friends with for years. They finally decided to get married and I was happy for both of them. The night before their wedding she called me up and asked me to come over. When I got there she was crying, so I asked her what the problem was. She called me a son of a b**** and said she hated me. Confused as to what the h*** was going on, I asked what I did. She proceeded to tell me that she had always loved me, but I never asked her out and now she's getting married and willing never be with me. She was so mad, she screamed at me and asked why I never asked her out. I confessed that I never thought she would have said yes had I asked her. She kissed me and we ended up f******. The next day she married my bestfriend and we never spoke of our feelings or that night again.

  • About nine years ago, I was a bridesmaid in one of those awful "destination" weddings. The trip was for five days on an island in the Caribbean. First night, we all got drunk and I had s** with the groom. I had s** with him every following day, as well. It's nothing I was proud of, but I sure did enjoy it....especially on the wedding day. And night.

  • Good for you I did it with my mother in law, I got my wife p***** and when she passed out I mailed her mom

  • Where did you mail her to?

  • Nail

  • That's nuts..

  • It's been great for the past 11 years

  • And your wife has know clue

  • No, her mom is an amazing woman s** so much better with her

  • S*** happens

  • Don't beat yourself up.

  • L would say do as the movie frozen is called and let it go

  • I also "know someone" who did a similar thing.

  • It happens, I gave my cousins husband head behind the hall at their reception.
    A friend of mine had s** with another friends husband the night before their wedding in a hot tub.
    Another friend had s** on her wedding night with the best man in front of her new husband but I don't think that was the first or last time, No proof though.

  • Yes s*** like this happens all the time. I f***** my bestfriends wife the morning of their wedding. Her exboyfriend was all p***** off that she was getting married and he had been telling her he would kill her before she ever got married. My bestfriend wanted to stay away the night before the wedding and asked me to stay with her and protect her. Sure enough her exboyfriend showed up late that night and I had to kick his ass. She was so impressed with me that we f***** that morning. She told me it was payment for protection her.

  • #fakenews

  • I think I love you. Come to Somerset pleeeease!

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