I’m Straight, Right?

I can’t stand to look at d****. Honestly, I’ve never seen one in person in a sexual connotation. I usually only read p***, but tonight I decided to go to the Hub, and I immediately felt grossed out and sickened. I don’t want to feel this way. What will happen if my SO and I get married? I can’t tell my parents, because as far as they know, I’ve stopped reading p*** a long time ago. What does it mean when you get sick when you look at penises, but you still m********* and know that you aren’t attracted to women?

Nov 2

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  • Your feeling gilty for feelings of desire for s** with men. if women do not excite you, its ok , just except it and move forward. dont tell your friends or family. It is unhealthy for you to not deal with it. Enjoy P***, find a male friend who does enjoy men and talk about your issues. Maybe romance with a male is what you desire and need to overcome your emotional termoil. It is not wrong to have desires for the male P****, Many men do and many do not. What ever you do do not believe your desires are wrong or bad. Some will tell you romance and s** with a man is bad but the truth is we are all human and physical contact may be just what you need.

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