I made my wife get fat

At her lowest she was 108 . She slowed gained to 150 and said in bed she needed to lose weight and l said or get bigger . She now is 228. Billy belly and big thighs but no t****** . Double chin was a surprise

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  • I don't think I meant to , but going from eating in university when I needed, to 3 square meals a day in my young marriage, we both gained over 30 in the first year. She was already a lil overweight, but I luv the soft pillowy girls, and encouraged it. She left me, and now I eat again only when I need to.. I think I've been loosing weight fast. After a year if my belly is gone, I'm gonna try to keep it off.. not dieting, just being more invested in if I'm hungry or if it's just a plate in front of me..

  • I like to starve my gf. I like the anorexic look. Sometimes she feints because she has not eaten.

  • My wife has always been quite the head turner and when she hit 120 lbs was not to happy . She said she is going to lose 5 lbs. Not only is she very pretty she is healthy. Being intentionally obese is a pretty messed up mindset.

  • And also, how about catering for us Brits on this site?!
    All this 150,228 etc means nothing to us!
    Lets have it in stones and pounds please!
    Starting off at a healthy 8 stone,then going up to 15/16 stone,and 23 stone,then we know what sort of fat beast your wife is.

  • Stones? F that. I want metric. Let’s get some KGs ! Metric, metric, metric! 🤪

  • Beast 😅

  • You dont have a wife d******. You're only 14 years old.

  • You don't have a wife, but you do have a weird compulsion to keep posting the same crap repeatedly. Good thing you found this place, this is where weak people stuck in a mental rut congregate :)

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