Best party ever

My Gf and I were at a party with a few friends the other night and we talked her and her best friend into showering together and shaving their p******, I don't know if they did or not but they say they shaved each other.
After the shower they both came out wrapped in towels and laid on the bed spreading their legs and showing me, 2 guy friends and one girl friend their bald p******. One of my friends even got to feel my GF's p**** for a second but the dummy shoved his finger in her and they both jumped up and put clothes on.

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  • My best friend and I are both married and we shave each other's p****** quite often. The first time it ever happened, she asked me to hold my p**** lips open for her so she could shave me. For the next several minutes, she pulled, moved, and tugged my inner lips and c******* while she shaved me, all the while i was holding my l**** open while my p**** hole started to get slick and my c*** started to erect. It felt so good to be this close to my best friend. I loved that she now knew what I look like when I'm aroused. After a while she asked if she could lick me and I came in her face. We've been fooling around like this ever since.

  • My GF stuck her finger in her best friend in front of me and two of my friends, We didn't get to see but we were talking about what it feels like on the inside and she wanted to see if they all felt the same. They both kept their sweat pants on but they for sure had at least one finger in each other feeling each other and giggling.

  • Best before it gets hair

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