Going BI

I just turned 60
I have had a robust s** life
With multiple women all my adult life.
Lately I have found myself
Fantasied with c*** sucking .
I want to feel a hard c*** jammed down my throat filling me with hot salty
Sperm. Then I want my ASS ravged.
If not I think I'll die without ever knowing how it feels to a woman .
Am I crazy ? Or do any of you older men have the same fantasy ??

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  • I have been wondering how it would feel to let a man suck my c*** I am 60

  • I'll try sucking u if you try f___ my butt.

  • I'm 61 and I'm wondering what it feels like to get my butt ------

  • Yes I'm 61 and been watching male p*** and jerking it. I'm curious and don't have to deal with the bull from women.

  • Ah no

  • When I turned 60 two years ago I decided to live my life long desire and suck c*** and swallow.

    Theet was a young really shy guy in the building about 24. I befriended him and after a few weeks got him slightly drunk and was able to get him naked and I sucked his c***.

    It was better than I thought and when my friend came it felt so natural to swallow his c**.

    It turned out I was the first person he ever was sexual with. Since then I give him oral s** before he goes to work and when he gets home.

    Last year he wanted to try a*** s** on me. I agreed and the weekends now are an a*** s** marathons. He has great recovery time and uses my ass at least a dozen time from Friday night to Sunday night

    I said he loves me, and asked me to marry him

  • I'm in my early 40s and married and I love sucking c***. Love it. Don't get me wrong, I love putting my c*** in a warm, wet, fat p****. If I had the choice, I'd very much rather suck c*** than eat p****


  • Do it. C*** is great and c** is delicious.

  • The answer to your question is "yes". You are crazy.

  • What your describing is a wonderful feeling. Want to know more?

  • Yes please PLEASE

  • And yes please from me. I'm Lingerie Lover.

  • And I'm a lingerie lover too, I love the feeling when my knickers are pulled to one side and a large erect c*** is pushed in to my bottom at the same time as he masturbates me. Sooooooo!! good !!!!!!

  • Love pantyhose they feel so good on and secy

  • Yes please!! My name is Rupert

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