Second Puberty

I am over 50 and due to an extremely bad infection I got while in hospitals, my entire male reproduction system was fried. I no longer make testosterone and to make matters worse, I cannot tolerate testosterone therapies BUT estrogens are raging. After 1 year I had NO body hair, my skin was smooth, my manly parts had atrophied to the point I have but small marbles and a small finger-sized phallus. Now, two years later, I went from a manly flat chest to a 48C/D.

I am adjusting, but feeling a bit alone. Anyone have thoughts. AND NO I will not have my b****** removed!!



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  • Haha. How does it feel being half a man?

  • You tell us how it feels to not be a man at all.

  • Very interesting response. I am very confident in myself. With d**** like you in the world, I shall never miss mine, idiot!

  • Slip some silky lingerie over your hairless body it will feel so sensual!!!

  • Become a crossdresser and get f***** every day?

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