You have to set your goals, for what's important

It wasn't till college before I really focused on that thing, between my legs. If men think with their ** head, women think with their uterus. We pretend we don't, but we do. P.S. maybe some women will say they think with their **.

But let me go on. By the time I graduated, marriage, children, home were as vocal as careers. Ending up lonely, or alone without a man, was the boogie man in the closet. Better get married, cook and clean, have kids and carry on, than become some lonely spinster with a career.

I happen to agree with that. My hunt was for a suitable husband, my uterus was calling. I guided my career choice to jobs with successful men, lots of them, instead of jobs with a lot of women. So no teacher jobs, more like Supply Chain in Industry. Work for big companies. Big male dominant companies. Testosterone was the smell, not perfume.

I did 'land' a husband, a 33 year old high earner, toxic, a bit parental. Testosterone driven, uterus hunting, male. I brought my uterus to the party.

Home, children, marriage, that's my only goal. Now that those things are in the bag, I'll consider getting a job. Mind you, I don't have to work, but now that the kids are in school I might.

Nov 11

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  • Yes I agree.

  • ** ye peeh!

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