I think I might have accidentally killed my neighbors dogs

I was out walking my leashed dogs and my unleashed cat last night. I was just about to cross the street with all three animals. I noticed a speeding vehicle round the corner right before our street so I stopped. Luckily my cat stopped too because he’s not stupid. This vehicle then proceeded to take a right , speeding; directly in front of us where we would have been if we had crossed. We then proceeded to cross and turn right towards our house, the same direction the truck ultimately went to. As the driver and passenger where exiting the truck, I said out loud “could you have taken that turn any faster???” My neighbor, the truck driver responded “I didn’t hit you, did I???” This really p***** me off. No, he didn’t hit me but he could have mowed down anyone of my three animals and not only that, but what if he HAD hit me or my animals?? Anyway, on to my confession. I proceeded to slice a whole onion in four quarters. I rolled those things in meaty juicy spaghetti sauce to make them extra appealing. Then I tossed them over the fence into a*******’ backyard. My goal was that his dogs would eat them and get sick and cause a****** to pay a hearty vet bill to make them well again. The dogs have been no where to be seen all day. I really hope they’re okay. I wasn’t trying to kill them just make them sick.

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  • F****** onions smh what a f****** loser

  • Easily triggered mongoloids who can't stop crying "femboi" when they're upset tend to be losers, yeah

  • No you're the loser, you oniony femboi!

  • .....

  • Throw grapes and frogs next time.

  • S*** happens.....

  • Wtf is an onion gonna do FEMBOY???!!!

  • ^ This guy likes fembois. And he is trying to confess it but is having trouble. Just come out of the closet bro. But he also has a point. Onions are bad for dogs but it would take a lot of onion over time to do real harm. Seriously though shame on you for trying to hurt someone else's animals. You got spoked so in response you said something, didn't like his/her answer so you attempted to poison your neighbors pets. In this case you are the only one who did something wrong. You poisoned innocent pets to what? Get revenge for being startled? Why don't you go after his wife/gf/kids/friends/family if he/she has them too? They all must pay for his... not doing anything wrong...

  • Yeah,throw some onions at his family femboy.
    Put onions up his exhaust pipe femboy.
    Wipe onion juice on his door handles femboy. Plant some onion plants in his front garden and everywhere you can get to femboy.
    Subscribe him to onion lovers magazine femboy.
    E******** on an onion and leave it on his hood femboy.
    Befriend him and steal his wife's dirty panties femboy.
    Turn up to his BBQ and only bring.................

    ONIONS FEMBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol are you trying to troll? Because it's funny how bad you are at. Seems like you want have relations with fembois. So go for it. Be gay AF.

  • Read up on the ways dogs are different from humans, R*****!!!!!!!!!!

  • Correct, dogs are different to humans,but still,an ONION?? Stupid FEMBOY!!!!!!
    Worst case scenario is that they'll have bad gas.

  • How about YOU stfu MOUTH-BREATHING F******


    Shut your flapping fly hole and learn something for once in your useless life!

  • Also, liking your own comment isn't impressing anybody. You're pretty stupid, even by CP standards.

  • Triggered much FEMBOY???!!!😅
    I suggest you suckle on your mothers leathery teats and learn up on the truth about dogs and onions.
    So stfu you ONIONY FEMBOY


    Dear god honey, go out this weekend and get a handy from a twink already. If your mommy will let you, anyway. And do get on some good strong meds :D

  • I hope your dogs get mowed down in an ONION fuelled rage.
    And you can suckle your mothers ONIONY leathery teats,you FEMBOY

  • Rodney, this is your mother. You come home RIGHT NOW and leave these people alone! I'll make you fish fingers and hot pockets and the doctor will stop by to give you your "special" shot. Log off of that computer and come straight home from the library, do you understand?

  • *sits on Mothers lap , reading, and eating an onion.*

    Thanks for showing that.

  • Haha,now that is an awesome image😅😅

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