A night full of surprises

My wife and I made plans to go out the other night so she got her sister to come over to watch the kids for us, We went for supper and a movie then she asked her sister if it was ok if we went to the club for a bit, She said it was fine and would probably just pass out on our couch and stay the night.
I have surveillance in my garage because I have actually had stuff stolen out of my garage while we were sitting in the house, I have it set to notify me if there is movement in the garage which works good except for the couple times a mouse got in there and it actually picked up on the movement and sent me repeated alerts but anyway, We were sitting at the club and my wife was at the table next to us talking to a girl she knew when my phone vibrated, I pulled it out and it said "Garage sensor", I opened the camera and it took a minute but when it did open up I seen my wife's sister standing in the garage smoking.
I was going to just shut the sensor off and put my phone away but where she was standing in correlation to the camera I had a pretty solid view of her cleavage, I kept looking at my wife to make sure I wouldn't get caught and when she finished her smoke she put it out, Looked around, Leaned back on the counter and slid her hand in her sweats. I almost s*** myself as she started rubbing herself right there leaning back on my counter, The whole thing only lasted about two or three minutes before she bent forward and had a very obvious o*****, She grabbed a paper towel off the shelf and wiped her hand then went inside.
As if that wouldn't have made my night enough my wife got s*** faced drunk and when we got into bed she was feeling frisky, I had her all lubed up and on her back just slowly giving it to her but pulled back too far and thank god we had been using lube that night because I went to put it back in and when met with resistance I pushed a bit harder and my wife said "Oh..Oh..No..Stop" but just then it slid in and she said "Ohhhh f***...That's my ass" obviously I could tell by how tight it was but I stopped and looked down, I said "Do you want me to take it out", She said "It's not going back in me now", I said "Now what?", She said "Just...Oh f***...I don't know if", I started slowly going but made sure to rub her c*** at the same time. She kept scrunching her face up and saying "Ow, F***, Ow" but after a minute I had it working pretty good and she was definitely not happy but let me keep going which was a surprise since after 18 years of marriage this was the first time ever.
I couldn't hold out very long which was good because she said "Ok, stop, You have to stop" and just then I blew my load in her, She gagged a loud gag and said "Oh you gross f****** pig" Her tight little bum squeezed me out as soon as I started to go soft and she pushed me away going straight to the bathroom and showering. I went and joined her and she just glared at me the whole time.
HAHAHA, what a great night.

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  • My girlfriend's sister came to stay with us for the weekend,
    They went out on Saturday night leaving me at home.
    Her sister's iPad was beside her bed, I couldn't help thinking if she watched p***, she's been single for years, surely she must. I grabbed the pad, i made a point off remembering her passcode from seeing her unlock it earlier.
    I could see she had left all her tabs open

    Flicking through I found she likes to read stories about s**, I opened the tab to see what she'd been reading.

    The story was named, my son and his friends f*** me

    Another tab was a story named seducing my uncles

    The stories were all about incest or something similar

    I couldn't believe she was turned on by this filthy stuff

    I now look at her in a different way

  • Nice, My wife got drunk one night and had a similar thing happen although it was not an accident on my part I told her it was and after a week of b******* she got over it.

  • A few years back I was putting the c*** to my wife, hard and fast, with her legs folded back when I accidentally pulled out of her p**** and slammed into her ass. She let out a long scream and started to shake violently as I continued pounding her, realizing by the tight hole I was now f****** that I was in her ass, and she was now in the throes of one of the most intense o****** I'd ever seen her have, and I had no intention of taking my c*** out of her ass. Her screams and thrashing were unbelievable and lasted until I shot my wad deep into her little ass, then held my c*** in her until her petite body came down gradually, twitching, trembling, and gasping while her ass spasmed on my throbbing c***. I always thought she was the best f*** I'd ever had and after that night she was even better because f****** her ass became a regular part of our s**-life.

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