Looking At Naked Mom

My mother used to sleep naked. As a teenager I would go to her room at night and m********* while looking at her naked body.



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  • I know how you feel. I too used to stand by my mother's bedside and pleasure myself.

  • The next time you are naked I would make sure she saw you. I would then let her know what is making you hard. Tell her what s** acts you dream about and let her decide which ones she agrees to

  • If you still live at home, definitely let her see you naked with a chubby d***. So many mothers have sexual fantasies about their own sons and the teenage friends of their sons. what you did was natural. YOU should have gone over to the bed and rubbed your d*** on her face and b******.

  • Talk to her else rape her

  • Yes let her see you with a h******.

  • It is natural to be sexually attracted to your mom. You should speak to her and see if there is a possibility of s**.

  • Agreed!!

  • Totally agree!!! I would let her see you naked too...

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