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I don't consider what my son and I do to be incest. I'm a 45 year old widow and my son is 26.

We have been together for the last 10 years since his father died in a car accident.

I don't consider what we do to be incest, as we only perform oral s** on each other and I only allow him to f*** me is the ass and come in me.

We don't have regular s**, his c*** has never been in my p****.

But after he gives me oral, we have a thing were he rubs his c*** on my p**** but never entering me. We both always come this way.

He has begged me to have regular s** with him, but I am firm in saying no. But when he comes, from this rubbing game I spread my p**** lips and let him c** into me. He has come to accept this and it usually satisfies his desire to c** in my p****.

As my son never put his c*** in my p****, it is not incest. It only s** play.

We love each other so much and spend hours each day sexual satisfying each other. He only wants me, I have tried to get him to date, but he has said he will not cheat on me.

I can't imagine being with any other man but my son. He makes me feel so loved.


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  • Time take his seed inside you

  • As I mentioned, my dad has s3x with me but mum has s3x with me too and we use strap-ons together. There's no better feeling than a woman's touch as far a I'm concerned. The good thing about being f ucked by dad though is that I'm on the pill and as such, I have no inhibitions and I let myself go wild as I love to talk so f ucking dirty.

  • M/S incest is better than affairs with outsider/s where you expose yourself to many risks.Why not have full intercourse? Be a proper couple. The fullmarriageequality blog has cited many instances under Case Studies.
    Tell us more when you start torrid s**.

  • I have read this blog and very informative. I agree totally with what you say.

  • Good girl.

  • I would start having full intercourse. As long as you decide beforehand to either use birth control or pull out before c** inside of her then it's okay. Two adults having s**.

  • There's nothing wrong with it whatsoever. My dad f**** me and I'm his 15 year old daughter. It's the most beautiful thing imaginable and very arousing. My mum approves of it and I've been wanting dad to f*** me for a long time before he started. The only reason we didn't f*** earlier was that he was afraid of getting caught out but I wouldn't want him to go to jail bc by us f****** it's something we both look forward to.

  • It's great that you have your mum's support! Good for you.

  • Thank you for being so supportive of dad and me having s3x. It is truly a loving relationship and I like to smoke cigarettes while he's f ucking me, it adds to my sexual arousal.

  • I wouldn't recommend smoking during s** you might burn the bed lol Good luck to you both

  • I love smoking when I'm being f ucked and my dad loves it that I like to smoke. I don't see the problem with that woman who posted the first post and her son f ucking but it makes no sense to me that she won't let him cumm in her p.u.s.s.y. My dad comes in me and as he does, I clamp my c unt muscles around his c ock.

  • Makes no sense to me either especially when birth control is easily available.

  • The big reason for not having sexual relations between close family members is the high risk of genetically deformed offspring.
    Law and religion aside, you two do what you want as consenting adults, just use caution to avoid pregnancy.

  • Would you give the same advice to couples who suffer from congenital defects such as blindness and heart disease? Do you know that UK law permits a man to MARRY his great-grandmother!

  • I always used birth control when I used to have s** with my sister. I believe adult incest should be legalized with the use of birth control.

  • If you two are having this much regular s** how come you don't c** inside of her?

  • You are both sick people!! Incest is wrong according to the social mores of society.

  • Is same s ex marriage an marriage of a couple with severe congenital defects?

  • They have mental issues. Functioning sociopathic wing-nuts. It's like they believe that it is okay to practice cannibalism. They would even try to protect it like it's a right. Like these morons who may be fake cause the guy is bored and is the exact definition of a troll.

  • Incest is absolutely fine between adults. If someone has s** with a family member it doesn't mean they have mental issues. Wtf has cannibalism got to do with anything? Like i've said before i've had s** with my sister many times and we are certainly not mental in anyway. We are normal people and have no problem with what happened between us.

  • Absolutely right! Sexual intercourse is perfectly natural, so why shouldn't family members enjoy it with each other. Incidentally, in advanced countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg and others, incest is legal. Curiously though, in those countries, although sexual intercourse with one's mother is legal, marriage with her is not!

  • Why is it sick? Incest is not wrong between adults. I've had s** with my sister many times using birth control and it hasn't caused any harm.

  • I wouldn't worry about labels like incest. What you and your son do in your bedroom is your business.

  • Its great that you and your son are together. Its good he doesn't want to cheat on you and you shouldn't encourage it. I don't understand why you won't have normal intercourse with him? I don't see a problem with you letting him c** inside you normally.

  • He made me pregnant from just c** in me the way we do it when he was 18. And have a daughter now.

    Secretly, I get super h**** when I thinking about getting pregnant again by him. I been thinking about letting him put only his c*** head in me when he c*** to increase the chances I will.

  • Get a ovulation kit and take aspirin 1 a day for 2-3 days around the time you are ovulating. Hopefully that'll help you and your son conceive and obviously have plenty of s**! Good luck to you both

  • If want to try for another baby just do it. There's no reason why you can't have full penetration.

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