My ex girlfriend

I'm from Europe and I would like to share my embarrassing story with you. I'm a handsome guy with strong pantyhose fetish. I also have a fetish on sanitary pads with wings, transparent panties, open-toe high heels and pink nail polish but not to such extent as to transparent shiny pantyhose - especially the ones with reinforced toes. I generally don't crossdress, but I enjoy smelling, licking and masturbating with worn female pantyhose, panties, sanitary pads and high heels. Sometimes I even put on female used sanitary pad, worn panties and worn pantyhose just to m********* in them while thinking only about this particular woman and her sexual dominance. Combination of sanitary pad with wings, pink transparent panties, shiny pantyhose with reinforced toes and open-toe high heels excites me beyond belief and I c** with enormous pleasure.
During my college years I've met a girl who often wore shiny pantyhose with reinforced toes. I will not reveal her real name but let's call her Victoria. She was three years younger than me. I masturbated on her like crazy, almost every day. The thing is that Victoria wasn't my type at all. She had acceptable personality in the beginning and slightly chubby body, which was OK for my taste, but her face was not attractive at all. Just to note that I prefer perfect or curvy girls and am OK with slightly chubby ones, but not with skinny or anorexic. Victoria wasn't exactly ugly, but she surely wasn't pretty or sweet. Interesting thing is that not even one gorgeous girl excited me as much as Victoria. Pantyhose were the main factor but so was her shy personality combined with the „village girl“ appearance and behavior. Oh and she definitely didn't know how to walk in heels elegantly. Combine that „hillbilly“ walk in high heels with mini skirt, shiny pantyhose, sexy transparent lingerie, slightly chubby body, below the average looks and shyness and you'll get the idea. Somehow this turned me on beyond belief and I masturbated on her even more. Eventually we dated and established a good relationship. I admitted her about my pantyhose fetish and that I like to see transparent pink underwear and high heels. I didn't mention pads, because she already considered me a pervert. She knew that pantyhose were sexy, but wasn't OK with the fact that they had such power over me. The truth is that I couldn't have s** and couldn't have a strong erection if a girl didn't wear pantyhose, regardless of her looks or body. She didn't like that but I couldn't help myself. She even caught me once licking her dirty panties and masturbating on her in her worn pantyhose while whispering her name. This was a bad day for me. From that day she gained a lot of hidden confidence and literally took the command in the relationship. She used pantyhose, transparent panties and high heels to get what she wants because she knew that I couldn't resist her. Eventually we had less and less s** because she refused it. She had another boyfriend, although never mentioned him but it was obvious and she knew that I knew it. I became her slave, her money pig and she eventually dumped me like an old rag. I never cheated on her and was always was nice and respective towards her. Before we broke-up I stole 3 pairs of her worn pantyhose, 2 worn transparent panties from dirty laundry and a few used daily sanitary pads with wings from trash. I used them exclusively to enhance masturbation on Victoria. The day after we broke I masturbated 10 times on her, breaking all previous records. Almost a year after the break-up I masturbated exclusively on her, on average 3 times per day. It has been 8 years since the break-up and I still m********* on her, but not as frequent as before.
Now I have a girlfriend, a gorgeous, elegant, green-eyed blonde which is perfectly OK with my pantyhose fetish and which really loves me. It's a great thing that she is slightly perverted as well. I love her very much, but simply can't stop thinking about Victoria. Just thinking about Victoria gives me a massive hard-on, much stronger than thinking or seeing my current girlfriend. I gain no love feelings for Victoria but she still has total sexual dominance over me. I don't see my current girlfriend as sexual domina because I wouldn't like that and she doesn't like that either, but Victoria is somehow quite a different story. I don't know why.

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  • Youre f***** mate.
    Enjoy the ride.
    I told my wife about my fetsh and she just thought I was sick

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