Pervert in My Eighth Grade Class

There's this boy in my class that is a total pervert. I go to a small private school and it's 1st through 12th. Most of the people in my class have been there since 1st grade, (Including the guy I'm gonna be talking about) my siblings have gone to this school but I came to the school this year. The boy I'm referring to as a perv was just weird and extremely annoying at first, but then he started saying nasty things. I have a couple friends that liked each other a few months ago and when they did still like each other he started talking to them about s** and giving them tips on how to have s** (e.g. telling the girl she should have her hair down and telling the boy what he should do to her) They were naturally disgusted and other small things happened since then, like telling another girl in my class he was gonna "attack her" and wink at her afterward and other s*** like that. As you would expect this guy is... (I don't wanna be meaner than I have to but Imma just vent rn) well, he's ugly and fat and kinda stumbles around like he has flat feet or something (I'm not really sure how flat feet look when walking but I assume that's how they would walk) I think his knees are also weak. The creepiest thing he's ever done to me is like asking why my hair was wet when I got to school (He obviously knew why my hair was wet and Idk maybe he just wanted me to tell him I had taken a shower or some s*** like that? That IS something he would do) and asking where I live and he apparently goes to breakfast every Sunday with my Aunt (which I just learned about cuz his parents apparently buy my aunt breakfast) and so he'll start trying to talk about my family with me and he just knows all this stuff about my family and even though I know how he knows it just creeps me the h*** out. Anyway, about last week he was talking to the girl I mentioned earlier who he was giving unwanted "advice" to, and she asked him what he wanted for Xmas next year, and he being the unpopular person he is wants to be friends with her and a couple of hers and mine guy friends and so he told her that he was telling her this in the utmost secrecy and she couldn't tell anyone. (she did) he told her he wanted to have s** with one of my friends for as long as he wanted with no consequences. He also said he had had a dream about it. Ew. Anyway this spreads around a little but no one is telling a teacher. Until me. I told my sister who went to school with one of the teachers and she told that teacher cuz she's still friends with her and so now everyone knows, at least all the teachers. I thought people would be mad at me for tattling even tho everyone hates that guy, but I had to come clean cuz I was feeling guilty for keeping a secret like that and so I told them. They actually thanked me and they're all pushing to get him expelled or to have him not get accepted into the high school next year. At first I was feeling guilty about this because I mighta just ruined some one's life. I don't think he has a back up school in mind, but now I feel relieved. This pervert deserves to not be accepted and I am thankful I told my sister.

Feb 15, 2019

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  • You’re a shallow piece of trash. If that guy was considered attractive he wouldn’t be creepy now would he?

  • Now that I'm looking at what I wrote I'm seeing how it might've made me look shallow, the way I described him was over the top and I shouldn't have said that, I was just angry and I said things I shouldn't have. However, I'm not the only one who found it creepy and gross, everyone in my class and some from other classes that heard found it creepy. The teachers that were told found it creepy and are dealing with it accordingly. Now could ALL of these people be THAT shallow? I see how you could've found it shallow but maybe think how YOU would react if some 13 year old guy said that about one of your friends?

  • These kids are in eighth grade, it doesn't matter if he's attractive or not, saying as a 13 or 14 year old child you basically wanna have some girl in your class as your s** slave is creepy no matter what he looks like.

  • I don't understand why this guy is pervert. You and the rest are overreacting around him. If you said somethig i did not understand you can tell me. And the fact he was gave advice to those classmates it's okay. Why they were disgust ? S** is natural and everyone loves to talk about but there is lot of hypocrisy out there. When someone talks openly about s** we disgust and ashame but deep down we love it. I know this because when i was a teenager i did the same. I was criticizing and had disgust look for people who had s** but deep down i loved to talk about s** and i wanted to do it also.

  • Sorry, but as an eighth grader? Cuz this kid is in the eighth grade and I find it hard to believe lots of kids in your class were having s** at that age. Maybe one or two which would also be strange but you seem to be saying a lot of kids were doing it.

  • Well, glad you told. Goodbye, perv.

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