OMG.... I found The Island of Truth

I met my stepson when he was 4 and he was a doll. He always wanted me to do things with him. He was funny, silly, adorable and I just adored him. I have tons of nieces and nephews that adore me and I’ve always been great with children. Well, then his mother enters scene who had her own boyfriend, her own life but because I was getting serious with her ex and eventually married him, I was now Target Lady and had everything including happiness that she could not stand to look at it and had to destroy what reminded her of her own failure. So, she poisoned my stepsons mind and after years and years of torment through him, orchestrated by her, I finally just became numb. He is lazy, doesn’t participate in any sports, entitled, sassy, rude, controlling, manipulative, ect. It is a damn shame what she’s done to him out of pure spite but that it her child and she will have to live with the mess she created. I can honestly say that I am in a place in my life where I just don’t care about his or her antics anymore. I ignore, I disengage and I am free. He is now 16 and I am counting down the years to college. I made it!!!!!!
Bu bye!!!

May 29, 2019

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  • Huh. And I thought parents were holy, enlightened beings who embodied the only kind of real love worth having on this planet. Such blessed beings would never, ever warp their own flesh and blood to satisfy their own selfish personal desires for revenge, would they? I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked!!

  • Ummm?
    You wanna hook up with me ? English gent here

  • No, I think I posted this to the wrong category. Sorry.

  • Nah, you didn't really. You just need to remember the nature of the site where you're posting. It's stuffed to the rafters with incels and boys trapped in the bodies of ugly middle-aged men.

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