Jack Morley Appalachian Mountain Club

I can’t and don’t want to stop masturbating in public. It’s my hobby. I recently jerked off on the pavement as two high school girls walked by. They laughed and took pictures of me. I have been doing it all my life. I’ve been arrested 6 times for indecent exposure but was convicted just once. That was in Bridgetown Maine where I e********* in front of a cafe window so all the women could see. Should I continue with my hobby?



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  • I just don’t want someone at the Appalachian Mountain Club googling my name. I could get fired. Any suggestions?

  • I would find a way to be alone with him,you will regret it if you don't try. You might find it's the best s** ever

  • I would definitely try to do her. I always just j*** off so I get caught. 95 percent of the time it works

  • Absolutely continue. It is rather like an Artist...you need to break the rules to fulfill your needs and desires. Doing it in front of high school girls is great, but they are most likely getting regular c*** from the boys in their school. Try doing it instead in front of middle school girls. They would be much more interested in how it all works. Girl's in seventh and eighth grade probably give boys b*** jobs, but many of them have not f***** yet. they would enjoy watching a man M*********. in front of them. Be sure to show them your b**** as well. You can actually help educate them. I would do it in front of girls as young as six, seven or eight.

  • I have my 3 yr old niece watch me

  • I use to do that all the time as a teenager. To stop me when I was 15 my Mother let me jerkoff in front of her before school and at night.

    Soon after we started, I was almost caught jerking off outside my neighbors bathroom window when she was showering.

    Mom started yelling at me, wasn't it enough to do it in front of her? I said, I needed to see her naked, I couldn't help myself.

    She looked at me and got undressed and sat on my bed. I then started jerking off until I came.

    After a week I was sitting right in front of mom, then I "accidentally" came on her t***. She got so mad and said don't do that again. But I did. Mom gave up and let me do it.

    At 17, we were masterbating each other off 3 or 4 times a day. At 18, I simply, pushed to the bed and f***** her until she came.

    I'm 40 now and Mom's 77. I f*** the shot out of her daily. She hates that I make her c**. But she doesn't stop me.
    She my personal c** dump.

  • Nothing wrong with what you are doing. I have always had the drive to m********* since puberty. I was the only child and just had my mom. I always got caught on purpose,after a while she helped,after all she was single. When we went to the store I waited in the car and played with it, I always got a rush for the chance. I am 42 now and my mom passed. I have a lot of luck with the Porto Poties,last summer was caught a lot,three times they stayed and things went further. We can't help the way we feel,so I will continue myself,good luck,happy masturbating

  • How wonderful and healthy. The best age for a boy to m********* in front of his Mom is twelve or thirteen. That starts things out right early and they can escalate from there. I was a teacher and had a boy of thirteen come into my office one day strip naked and m********* right in front of me. He was obviously sexually curious and wanted help. I helped him after that.

  • I hope you sucked hiscock too, sucking a 1o yr 0ld is hot

  • I was 12 when I was caught on purpose. After 5 times my Mom helped me,what a great feeling. She was single and probably h**** and I was the only child. We started sleeping together and making Love. I was with her until she passed two years ago. I am so greatfull for our experience with each other.

  • Let me watch!

  • Are you a woman?

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