People Who Have Fish For Pets Are Mental

I think people who have fish for pets are mental. I mean you have to have a screwed up mind with a low IQ to keep from getting bored to death with aquarium fish. I mean what the h*** do they do? They can't fetch. They can't sit on your lap. The don't whistle or talk. They just swim around boringly all damn day.

Seriously, a person has to be mental to be able to enjoy this most boring hobby in the world. Even if I had a lobotomy I would still find fish boring. Even if I didn't have a brain fish would still bore me. So for anyone to like this dullest hobby in the world they have to be nuts or have their minds dumbed down from taking too many drugs. There's no way a normal person could enjoy freakin' fish.

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  • My IQ is 132, I've maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout college, and I love fish. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that people who do are stupid or insane.

  • WHAT THE F***?! Why would you think that? I should make my Alligator Snapping Turtle kill you. Fish are f****** awesome. I've an Intelligence Quotient of 130, but i'm 13.

  • I have an IQ of 150 and I could watch fish all day. So interesting to watch them go about their little routines..

  • Fish in aquariums have been proven to relieve stress, so they do have a purpose. You are the one with the low IQ who doesn't understand anything. Im saying this and I don't even own fish, but I'm not ignorant to make statements that are idiotic like you do.

  • can't agree more.
    You said the fishes swim boringly?! When i own an aquarium of fish, just contemplating at them swimming in the aquarium and study their behavior of interaction was interesting enough to envy their life of no worry, no working s**** to find food...besides calming down my mind. It's very `zen' things, especially to sit by the pool of fish within the woods.
    I could daringly predict your hobby would be empty loud talking and low taste of s**, that's what will intrigue you with such a refection of your mentality.
    YOur soul is too void and empty.

  • That's nonsense! I'm smart as h*** and far from mental, and I've had fish for years. I'd say less intelligent people can't "get" the joys of keeping fish.


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