Panty Spanked

My 10 year old daughter tried to burn the house down lighting up furnance pilot. I wisked her shorts off and went away at her panty behind and then made her kneel in corner in just her tee and panties for a half hour. My buddy came over and she tried to get up and I said stay there, your times not up for ten more minutes. I said he's got kids also. I don't think he cared one way or another once I told him, he just said kids don't think. My spouse thinks I went overboard over the situation.



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  • I'm fed of of these posts by pedophilic scum bags😠👊 Come on C.P, you're the ones who vet these posts,do something about it!!!! Either that or you're all nonces yourselves

  • Lol you said cp, the irony

  • C.P = Confession Post you kn0b

  • THANK YOU. While this site will never be a place of sophistication, there have to be standards SOMEwhere along the way.

  • Getting your daughter ready for “the pole”. Way to go s*** dad

  • At 10 if she was mine she would have had it already

  • Ten is the prime age. They can actually take it no problem

  • Trust me they can take it before 10 no problem, the p**** feels real goodtoo

  • They are prime at that age

  • If she was told never to do so, well deserved spanking, otherwise, went overboard.

  • Was she trying to light the furnace? Why was it off in the first place? Why didn't you light the furnace? She wasn't trying to burn the house down she just wanted some heat.

    Your real motive was to sexually molest and humiliate your own child and if I lived near you I'd call the police. Maybe they would stick your pedophile ass in an unheated cell and see how you liked it.

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