We all hate Joni Escobia!

Joni Escobia is I'm guess the worst singer in this world ever! She is doing her activities in Malaysia, so if you're not from Malaysia, you must know.

Firstly, she is a Sulu from Filipino. Her father (Joseph Escobia) was the son of Jamalul Kiram III (1938-2013), ex-Sultan of Sulu who is known as a terrorist. Originally, Joseph Escobia was not his real name, his real name was Yusuf Kiram and born as a Muslim. But he converted to be a Christian, and changed his name as Joseph Escobia. He then married a Sulu w**** who prostituted for a lot. Then some children were born, and Joni is one of them.

But the most important thing is that, Joni is ugly like f****** s*** and her voice is also disgusting like s***! Go and find her songs on YouTube, you will know how ugly she is, how disgusting her voice is. I don't understand why she became a singer. This is such a big insulting towards the true singers who really put lots of efforts.

The most terrible thing is that she even sang a Malaysian patriotic song, titled "Sayang Malaysia" (means Love Malaysia). She's not even a Malaysian, her nationality is actually Filipino and currently illegally living in Malaysia. I'm a Sabahan and it's f****** disgusting that the ugly Filipino sings Malaysian patriotic song. She doesn't deserve to do so. In Sabah too many Filipino criminals. They like to murder, kidnap, and steal. Moreover most of them don't even have visa. Means they're illegal immigrants. And Joni is just a part of them.

I, as a Malaysian from Sabah, feel so angry about Joni. How come that ugly and disgusting Filipino Sulu became Malaysian singer and sings Malaysian patriotic songs? If you from Sabah you must know, Sulu attacked Sabah in 2013. They killed Malaysian patriotic soldiers. And Sulu people still wanna attack Sabah. They even claim Sabah as their state. It's f****** disgusting.

But Sabahan government doesn't do anything. The government should expell all Filipinos from Malaysia. They don't deserve to live in here. But I don't know why they don't consider it as serious.

God, please curse ugly Joni!



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  • Government pls bring back joni to philippines. She don't deserve to live here.

  • Op here, I have to apologize for my post.
    My mom found my phone and saw what I have been up to.
    I should not say bad things about people I do not know and I am very very sorry.
    Please ignore this and be nicer people.

  • Well you're a d***

  • Sejak bila sulu filipina jadi talent sabah? wtf

  • Sbb tu la .. sabah byk pati sulu

  • She is supposed to be Joni SEXcobia

  • Everybody knows Joni's voice is f****** terrible

  • I hope Joni will commit suicide soon

  • I'm 100% sure she likes to s** f****** with her f****** boyfriend. No wonder she's supposed to be Joni SEXcobia.

  • Joni ASScobia

  • I'd eat her ass😈

  • Don't care too much about her fans, bcoz her fans are also disgusting as her.

  • I totally agree with you. How come a f****** sulu terrorist got too many f****** fans

  • I find her cute. So,you must be a yellow skinned fucktard

  • I've just googled her too,and yeah,she's hot!!!


  • Get a life

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