Close call

My best friend and his wife had come to Mexico and stayed on our fouton, My wife and I have a condo and have been inviting them for years but finally they agreed, We had our kids at the inlaws and theirs with her mom so we all went for one week.
We got drunk the one night and wandered off to bed somewhere in the middle of the night, We have all been friends since college and I have known his wife since she was 20 when they met in college, Me and him are now 43 and my wife came along a year or so after my friend and his wife met so we have all been close for a long time, We have gotten s*** faced together a hundreds times and have gotten pretty wild but never gone too far, A little flashing and groping and they have playfully kissed but that's all.
I couldn't sleep and was laying there staring at the ceiling drunk and sleepy but couldn't fall asleep, I could hear heavy breathing from the living room and some movement so I got up and peeked out the door down the hallway, He was sitting up on the edge of their bed leaning back on his hands and she was topless in a thong kneeling in front of him, Normally I wouldn't have been so bold but I just walked right up, Stood behind her and looked at her from behind. I already knew that all she wore were thongs right from the age of like 13 or something and she has always had a great bum, Even after 3 kids and at the age of 40 it is a sight to behold in a bathing suit or like this in a thong.
He noticed me right away and I leaned over looking at her bum, He smiled and nodded and motioned to the bed beside him, I walked right up and sat down, She gasped and crossed her arms over her chest, I haven't seen her b****** since college and back then they were small, Firm and had small nips, I have to say that she has maintained a great body and still wears the same jeans as she did back then, My wife also still looks good and is a little wider out back than she used to be but is also a bit bigger up top so it's a fair trade off in my mind.
She looked at her husband then at me then at her husband, She had her eyebrows up and her eyes were big, He shrugged and smiled at her, She tilted her head to the side and looked at him as if to say "Really???", He just put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward, She pulled back and looked at him scornfully then shook her head and he took his hand away. She took a deep breath not seeming super impressed but leaned in and keeping her hands crossed over her b****** grabbed his shaft and opened her mouth, I couldn't believe she was going to do it right in front of me but she started sucking him right there.
He reached down and pulled her hands up and she kept pulling away covering herself but after a few tries she put her hands on his thighs, She sat up, Looked him right in the eyes and shuffled closer, I seen her b**** for the first time in probably close to 15 years and they are still small but are saggy now, Her nipples look like they got bigger and one is oddly "Droopy" causing the skin under it to wrinkle and they have a few small stretch marks, She grabbed his shaft again and started sucking him as her little b**** hung down. I reached over and cupped one and it took a second but when she noticed it was me she arched her back and pulled away then went back to sucking him.
I sat there and pulled my shorts down, she looked over as I started stroking myself and she stopped, Bit her lower lip and then reached over saying "Uhhh...Let's not do that" and grabbed the waistband of my shorts pulling them back up, I fished it out through the p*** pocket in the front and got the whole thing and my b**** hanging out as I watched her, she looked over again and stopped, Looked at me, Took a deep breath letting out a sigh and then went back to sucking. Again I reached over and cupped her b*** and she pulled my hand away putting it on my c***, I watched for a few seconds then ran my hand down her back and she didn't say anything so I cupped her bum cheek, She just kept going on him so I went straight for it and slid a finger in her thong and touched her bum hole and she sat straight up on her knees and slapped at my hand going "No, No, NO!!!".
She stopped and gave me a scornful look then said "Uhhh...I think we are done here" and went to get up, Her husband said "Ok, Ok" and pushed her back to her knees, She looked at him and said "Hurry up", He nodded and she started sucking him fast, I was stroking and watching and he grabbed her head, Shoved his hips forward and she started swallowing, I started to come at almost the same time and he took her hand, Put it on my c*** and she grabbed it, He kept holding her head and I had my hand on hers but as soon as I came all over it she pulled it away making an unimpressed sound but I was still cupping and squeezing one of her saggy little b****.
When he let go of her head she sat up, Looked at her hand and slid her hand, She took a deep breath and pulled her chest away making me let go of her b***. She got up and went to clean up as me and him both sat looking at each other, When the bathroom door opened she came back with her little b**** jiggling and grabbed her shirt off the floor putting it on, I got up and went to the bathroom, Cleaned up and when I came out the lights were out in the living room and they were whispering so I went to bed.
In the morning I got up and he was awake, Me and him went to the patio for coffee and he told me she was upset and wanted to tell my wife, I panicked and told him he had to stop her but he said "I don't know man, She is set on it", I figured this was going to be a huge s*** storm and my heart was beating so fast I felt dizzy, We sat there for a while and when he went back inside to get more coffee he came back and said "Uh...Not good", I said "What's not good?" and he said "I think she is in your room", I was like "F***", i went inside and the door to our room was closed, They were in there for almost half an hour before coming out and my wife just looked at me then went back in the bedroom, His wife looked at me and said "I'm sorry, I had to".
My wife walked back to the bedroom and I followed like a little kid about to get an ass whooping, I walked in and she was leaning back on the window sill, Arms crossed, Staring at me, I was waiting for her to freak out but she didn't she just took a deep breath, Looked at me and said "So...?" I shrugged and didn't say anything, She walked up and stood in front of me saying "So...You're a f****** pig" and I just kept my mouth shut, She said "Now what?", I stood there not saying anything and she said "Maybe...I should give him a b******?", I said "Uh...She didn't give me head", My wife just nodded her head and said "Ohhh...Okay, Just a handie then?", I just shrugged and put my hands up and she stood there shaking her head, She looked around and said "What the f*** were you thinking?". We sat and talked for a bit and she didn't seem anywhere near as mad as I had expected, In the end she said "Has anything like this ever happened with anyone before?", I said "Oh f*** no", She said "Is it something I need to be worried about in the future?", I said "No...Unless you are interested in joining?", She scowled at me and said "Not funny", She said "Ok, stand up", I stood up and faced her, She said "Whip it out" and I said "Huh?", She said "Whip it out", I said "Why?" and she said "So I can punch you in the nuts", I laughed and stepped back, She stood up, walked right up to me and grabbed my b**** saying "If you ever...Ever...I will rip them off and put them in the garberator.
We came out of our room and my wife said "Ok, So everyone is aware of what happened, We talked and I think we should just chalk it up to drunken stupidity?", Everyone agreed and my wife looked at me saying "I think he has something to say" and I just looked at her saying "Sorry", My wife said "Weak" and walked away. We spent three more days together and not a word was said about it except between me and him when we were alone.


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  • Many of us are guilty of idiot moves especially when drunk. I got caught in act of doing my friends wife at a party by my wife. She grabbed my leather belt off the floor and laid one across the back of my thighs then went and ratted to my friend. He popped in, laughed and went back to the party. I was in deep shyt for several days.

  • Gay bro. Gay.

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