Well that escalated quickly

My friend and I were working night shift and his GF was having people over, He has always kind of been suspicious of her and I have told him to get rid of her if he thinks she is cheating but now I feel differently.
We got off work at midnight due to a power failure which they had engineers working on but said it would be hours before anything would happen so we got sent home, We went to his GF's place and all the lights were out, He looked at me and I looked at him, We snuck around back and the lamp was on in her room, The window was open and we could hear heavy breathing. Right away I figured this was going to go bad and we went back to the front, I said "Uh dude, I'm out", He said "Uh, No, What if I need backup", I'm not much of a scrapper but decided to back him up anyway.
He unlocked the door and we snuck in, We went up to the bedroom door and stood there, He motioned "1, 2, 3" then took a deep breath and opened the door, We both stepped in ready to fight and were instantly shocked. His GF was flat on her back with her friend Steph on her hands and knees going down on her with her ass and p**** toward the door so we both got an eyeful of her ass and p**** from behind and his GF's big t******, They both screamed and jumped up, His GF and her friend were running around grabbing clothes and yelling at us to get out.
They both quickly got some clothes on and Steph left the room, He looked at me and I went to the living room, He closed the door and I sat on the couch, Steph was sitting across from me looking embarrassed and we just sat not saying anything for a bit until I said "Sooo...You and Amber", She just looked up then looked down and started fidgiting with her hands, We could hear them arguing in the bedroom and I said "How long", She just shook her head, Just then a cab pulled up and she bolted.
A little while later he came out and told me I should go so I went home, Maybe I should call Steph and ask her out, Could lead to some interesting "Parties".

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