My boyfriend lost a fight and his confidemce

My boyfriend and I were at a party a bit aside making out, when my ex came by. The two men soon started an altercation, but my ex is taller and has a black belt in karate, and my bf just got dominated.

My bf lost pretty badly and my ex even took his denim jacket from him because he had only a tshirt on amd it was evening. This was a further humiliation because now he should go and get it back, but he does not dare to. Moreover, that levi's jacket was somehow part of his look as a tough guy, and losing it and losing a fight in it destroyed him. Now my ex has lost his confidence, especially in the bedroom. He says that he is not afraid of my ex, but I have noticed that he avoids him and is less cocky. Moreover, as I speak of getting back his jean jacket, he immediately talks about something else.

Jun 7, 2019

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  • Any particular reason you needed so badly to post this twice? Are you yet another one of those mentally compromised a******* who can't think of more than one topic to blather about?

  • Get lost and go f**k yourself you loser

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