Men are all delusional

I know he thought we would have this little fling, have a little fun, and that would end it. But it's not going to end. not ever. not f****** ever. Why? I'm having his baby now. He doesn't know it yet, and his wife sure doesn't know it yet. But soon they will. And then he'll be with me full time. and his wife will totally be out of the picture. I can't wait. I get totally turned on by destruction. The guy is my father's age, so he should know better. But he doesn't know better apparently. I'm younger than his daughter so I guess he thought I wasn't smart enough to pull this off. But I am. Men are all just so f****** delusional. I'm going to make such a good mother to our children and to his. They will all love me.

Jun 15, 2019

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  • You need to wash your ass.

  • He loves my a****** and he rims me and tonguefucks me all the time in there.

  • Haha your c*** will never be the same again.
    Like a blown out ballon.
    No man will touch you again,especially with your child
    bad baggage

  • Men want me. They want me all the time and they want me bad. I mean I don't care about that but if I wanted I could go get laid right now!

  • Prove it then!?

  • Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Damn. You’re delusional.

  • The sickest and most useless members of society are the ones who are dumb, delusional and proud of it.

  • I guess you would know.....

  • Yes, we do know. Those of us with half a brain and the ability to watch our intellectual inferiors tend to know. It's called observation. Sorry to frighten you with big words like that.

  • You have strange ideas, most are outdated and foolish. You have a lot of growing up to do. Good luck with your silly little life.

  • You think putting down snotty words makes you right, and you are both wrong and delusional. Get hit by a bus and improve the gene pool.

  • I'm speaking to you as a woman -- It seems the delusional one here is you, my dear. You cannot trap a man with a child. If anything, he - and your future child! - will grow to resent you. No one will be happy, including you. Please, let this man go and move forward with your life. If you are serious about having this child, please start to think practically about your life in terms of what you have to do to be a mom. That is what you will be, and you who are now determines who your child will be for the rest of their lives. If you are not serious and doing it for the wrong reasons (like trying to keep a guy that is not yours), please consider adoption or something along those lines. Trust me, this man is not worth you ruining lives over. Besides, why would you want to be with someone who cheats on their wife?

  • The only reason he cheating on his wife is because he found somebody better than her in every way. He won't cheat again because he will never find anybody better, plus I will keep his ass in line. He won't resent me because of our baby. He will know how special that baby is because it's mine and not hers: she made HORRIBLE children for him. Yes I am trying to keep him and I will keep him. HE IS ALL MINE.

  • Like I said,,,DELUSIONAL

  • People like you are why I smile whenever there's a shooting. :)

  • You sound like a n*** a******.

  • I don't actually get that. Sorry.

  • That's because you are willfully stupid. Sorry.

  • Not your fault you can't fix stupid, little one

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