No longer can perform

I am in a wheel chair after an auto accident several years ago. I have been steadily declining in the performing my husbandly duties. Wife still enjoys s**. I have tried all sorts of things and devices along with taking V*****. Now things are getting worse. My p**** if it gets hard will only stay that way a short amount of time. Not long enough to fulfill my wife's needs. We have discussed options. She's not into oral s**. I use my fingers and she doesn't like d*****. I told her she is free to seek what she needs from someone else. She said she won't do that.

The other day she told me if we don't figure something out she might just take me up on my offer. I told her that it's ok and I understand. I asked that she be discreet and that I not know about it. This really is not where I wanted to be but sometimes things are beyond our control. I want my wife to enjoy s** and be fulfilled. We love each other very much. If the shoe was on the other foot she would be telling me to do the same thing.



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  • Why don't you watch while your wife does it with someone else, that way you're still involve, have some control over the situation and believe me, seeing her with another man in front of you will sort that erection problem out

  • I hate to say this but my buddy in the same situation wife just left him. The boy friend really played on her emotions. He moved in with his parents.

    I'd look to finding a swinger group to move on. His para best friend does this & is quite happy because there's no ruining of marriages. The other couple & wife are really into roll playing doctor & naughty nurses. His buddy gets to be oral with the other wife.

  • I know of something that will help you perform and for quite a while!

  • Really? I sure would like to know what. But I don't think there is anything that will. I would love to be able to make love to her.

  • It's not very well known but if you are willing?
    If you drink some strong coffee and eat raw chilli's (as hot as you can take them) there are special properties in chilli's that help a man perform and will increase your dorphins, the coffee has caffeine (just like s*X pills).
    Coffee first, chilli's after you have drunk it give it about an hour, and well your see!

  • I understand you dilemma, put her on and we can talk to start with and if we get along we can take it from there

  • Wow! You really care about your wife's needs. That is the mark of a good husband in my book. I would gladly help anyway I can. Like taking care of her needs for you. I guarantee you she will be 100 % satisfied when I'm done. Not just boasting. I will make her happy for you and I will be discreet also. Give me your email and we can discuss further.

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