Gay man stuck in his straight marriage

Hi thier I’m ade a 41 year old guy from the south
I’ve been married to my wife 14 years and I have two kids
Since before I married I had my first gay experience which was at 24 years
I knew from that point I was gay but still married a female
Society says u can’t be gay and in the army this was 1993 at the time and forbidden
Anyway as life goes on I find myself visiting gay saunas weekly to maybe try find out a bit more about myself
I know I’m gay but what am I into fantasy’s etc what guys am I into too
As the time passes and I’m still visiting frequently and becoming more me whilst chatting to other gay bisexual guys
Any last year I met a guy online who was also married and claimed he was bi
We started dating like going out for food and I even invited him around to my family’s home for dinner as he was a friend from work so my wife thinks.
We became close like very close and intimate with each other over last Xmas
I told him I loved him and wanted him in my life full time as he was so perfect and gorgeous for me
He’s still saying he’s bi and won’t come out with me to our wife’s
But I truly want him
What happens now
Does my wife and kids have to put up with the cheating or can I come out and be me



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  • I think your a disgusting pig who will get everything you deserve in the end KARMA KARMA KARMS! YOUR POOR WIFE. THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN, THE HOMEMAKER, THE CLEANER, THE COOK, THE PROVIDER, THE ONE WHO STANDS BY YOUR SIDE I AM GUESSING FOR THE KIDS SAKE OR MAYBE EVEN FOR THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF HOPE MAYBE JUST MAYBE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BE THE MAN SHE MARRIED AGAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE. AND AS FAR AS YOUR KIDS, EVERYTHING WILL COME TO LIGHT IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. Let's hope they will grow up to be nothing like their sick and twisted father!! Wow, some people JUST don't get how lucky and blesses they are until they have nothing but stds and no WIFE, KIDS, home, not even there lover left! I SPEECHLESS

  • If I were you, I'd stay married to the wife, but maintain this wonderful relationship you have with your current lover. It sounds like you really set things up beautifully for both of you, and he's obviously reeeeeeally skilled, or reeeeeeally hung, or both, so I would NOT let him get away. NEVER pressure him: just do whatever it takes to make him happy and keep him happy, no matter what. You need to go rent a little place for the two of you to meet, and explain that it's a camp or lodge or just a getaway for hunting, fishing, sports or some other activity that the wives will buy but won't ever want to share with you. In fact, it will be your f*** shack, and you will use it ONLY to f*** each other senseless. Don't let this man get away from you: it will crush you if you end it and he goes on to someone else. Make yourself his sub. Do it today.

  • Thanks I do love this guy a lot and and your ideas sound great but can we really get a rental place just for s**

  • Damn. You’re in deep. How does your spouse feel about your current s** life or relationship in general? There are ways of encouraging her to see other people without being explicit about it. Maybe she kinda knows and can’t get out either.

  • The relationship in general is ok but s** has been none existent for five years now
    I think she knows I’m gay as she never mentioned lack of s**

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