My wife is a hotwife

My high school sweetheart and my wife for the last 46 years has s** with other men. She has met guys online, at bars, and in clubs. She has had one night stands and several longterm affairs. In all she has had sexual relations with 23 men outside of our marriage., all with my full knowledge and consent. You see, I am a willing cuckold. I do not see other women nor do I want to although my wife has given her consent under certain circumstances. Those circumstances are a swinger or wife swap situation. She on the other hand has a 24/7 hall pass to see, date, have s** with, anyone she chooses with or without my consent. She does tell me about it even if it's afterwards. She and I still have plenty of s** because she loves s** so much and rarely turns it down. I have watched her with men, but she normally plays alone. When she returns home from a date, I frequently do oral s** on her and usually have vaginal s** with her. She never cheated on me until I introduced her to the lifestyle. We really don't consider it cheating now because I know about it and want her to do it, so it's a win, win for both of us since she enjoys it. We are closer than ever although she has developed romantic feelings for at least two of the men. One ended after 2 1/2 years. She is now involved with a black man and has seen him for 3 years. She has also had s** with others during that time. Her friend is a big guy with sexual equipment to match. My wife is a 5 foot 150 pound bbw. Her current boyfriend has the largest p**** that she has had and she loves it. As for me, I take pride in the fact that men are drawn to her and that she loves it. I am so proud of her and relish that she enjoys other men. She tells me about her dates and encounters like she would a best friend because that's what we are. She doesn't have a best friend other than me nor do I except for her. The more she has s**, the more she wants and I'm her biggest cheerleader and confidant. I help her dress and give her my opinion and advice. As strange as it may seem, it works for us and keeps our marriage fun.


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  • As a kid I used to sneak off and spy on my neighbors. She was a beauty with a hot perfect ass. They were a young couple and I can count at least watching her walk around the house more than two dozen tomes. Watching and listening to them f*** and talk dirty even more than that.
    Watching him watch her with other men at least a dozen times.
    I never knew what dirty talk was and how he wanted so bad to see her with another big c*** back in the early 90’s
    I would listen to him talk about guys that I had no idea who they were. He would ask her who she wanted to f*** so bad then she would say his name. They would talk about why she wanted him so bad and so much sexual hot moaning. I left so much c** outside near their window

  • It would have probably turned them on if they had known you were spying. As a cuckold with a hotwife I know exactly how they were talking. Just like you've told it.

  • My mum and dad swing and often hold swingers' parties at our place. Sometimes they pay to have food catered and they skinny dip in our large sized swimming pool. Sometimes they put on a BBQ, sometimes they will get their guests to bring a plate of food.

    We can bring our friends (who are kids of our parents) and we're permitted to have pre-teen or gies and we're allowed to drink and smoke cigarettes.

    We are eleven year old twin sisters.

  • Not good at all

  • Good to hear from like minded folks. Glad that you guys are happy.

  • My wife has had s** with other guys since we were married. No secret amongst us. The only diff between you guys and us is that I get to have s** with other women, and I always prefer BBWs like my wife. What a great arrangement!

  • I have had relationships like this. They're the best!

  • Once upon a time, my wife and I had the relationship you have now. She dated a lot of men (of ALL ages), and she fell in love with many of them. In fact, she had children for two of them, during our marriage, and they are two of the four total kids we've raised since we got married. She told me these two children were for lovers, and they were planned in advance (though I wasn't informed of either until after they were born), and so I assume the others are mine, but I haven't asked, and I won't ask now. We are in our late 50s now, and her fertile years are behind her, so with pregnancy not being an issue any more, she whores more than ever, really trashy. And before, during and after her "dates", she treats me like s*** and rubs my nose in her adultery. She is such a blessing to me, as yours is to you.

  • My wife is very good to me and never treats me in a bad way. In fact she often thanks me for understanding and playing her sexual freedom. Even if she did treat me in a s***** way tho, I would still love and adore her just as you do. And yes, my wife sometimes refers to herself as a s***.

  • What’s the point of being married then? Furthermore if you’re equals in marriage and she can do whatever the h*** she wants why don’t you have that option as well? Seems you’re beneath her and a servant. She’s too jealous to allow you to be alone w other women anytime you want or she just doesn’t trust you at all. She goes out and f**** while you prepare her for another man and wait for her to get home to eat his c**.
    My wife and I have been married for 30 years. We still have the best s** ever , better than when we were younger at times, we have tried any and everything one can think of sexually (just the 2 of us) and are still madly in love. We don’t need nor want other people. Marriage is supposed to be 1 man 1 woman. If she f**** every body she wants then what is the point of being married? Seems you’re just an after thought and or someone that provides a home and pays bills. I think it’s very selfish of her and your sappy enough to allow these things. I would murder the man that ever thought about being with my wife. I’m sure she loves you in her own way but I guarantee you that if you told her you wanted it all to stop and just be you and her you’d be divorced and she’d still be riding other men’s d****.

  • You write "I would murder the man that ever thought about being with my wife." That's not love, that's possessiveness. And it's naive to think your wife hasn't ever thought about going there with another man.

  • She would stop in a heartbeat if I ask her, but I don't want her to. It's not for everybody, but it works for us. She started because I encouraged it. We still have s** but I don't have the nearly the stamina that I once had.

  • Let me force myself on her that will be a new turn on for you to see me fuckking your lovely wife like a animal with my 7 inch monster

  • Wish my wife was like yours. You lucky SOB.

  • Yes I am lucky

  • As long as you all enjoyy it,it's nobody's business to interfere though I would find that risky.

  • If she enjoys other men and you approve of her lifestyle it should be ok. I see that you also participate in her act and f*** her after her sessions with men. But interestingly, she also loves black c***. Yes, black c**** are the best in the world - they are bigger, stronger and stays hard longer. At my age - mid-40s I f*** a black c*** 8" and thicker as if plugs my c***. We have multiple sessions with his friends too - once I had 4 of his friends a night, left me sore for couple of days later on!! We are not into a*** as there is a better hole nearby!!

  • She loves any c*** that's hard, but her fav is BBC for all the reasons you said.

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