Got my hubby's handsome friend on my mind

I know it is not right. I think about my hubby's handsome friend all the time. My hubby is just okay looking, nothing to brag about. His friend is the sexiest and handsomest man I ever saw. To my surprise, I know he wants me. He told my hubby he was lucky to have a sexy woman like me with such a "smoking hot body", and I catch him trying to look up my dresses and down my blouses. I pretend I don't see him doing that but I like it and there is definitely sexual tension between us. He has a body like a greek god. I know because once at a pool party he got drunk and omg he stripped off his clothes and jumped in the pool naked! Hmmm he looked good all over. I am trying not to give into temptation but I think about him all the time and wonder what he would be like in bed. I have even had fantasies about it. I must stay strong and faithful, but wow it would be sooooooo hot to make love to that sexy hunk!

Dec 3, 2012

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  • You should do it. Just make sure hubby never knows. There will be some guilt but I think you know it will be well worth it.

  • People are never perfect and those that appear outwardly perfect are usually flawed. So don`t think long term relationship with this guy. He`s not with anyone, ask yourself why?

    I think your hubby want you to have him. So talk to your husband, you might be supprised.

  • hiya, you sound like a very sexy lady, im not trying to put your hubby down,because you must love him, but i think maybe you are thinking you can do much better, and i also think you know that its only a matter of time untill you end up in bed with this guy, you know it, and if you are thinking about this guy all the time, i take it that the s** has gone out of your marrage or has slowed down, when you have s** with this guy and you will, its going to be awesome, because you are having naughty thoughts already, tell me if im wrong,,, regards bob x

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