Missed you by that much

We met 10 years ago and i fell in love with you within the first couple of months of knowing you. But you were with a guy that might as well have been my brother. I finally found someone that made me happy only to watch you be beaten down by him every day. I married that girl that i came to believe was my soul mate and she's been wonderful to me and given me two healthy, intelligent sons. You found you a new man who at first was an improvement but turned out to be just as bad as the first. Now you're getting ready to leave him for someone else. Honestly its killing me. If i could go back to the day when you were with my friend and you wanted me to take you away and make you mine i would. every time i talk to you or see you the experience makes my existence so much more wonderful. I love you K. now and forever.

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  • Wow.. I feel ya.. My current husband was a very good friend of mine before we were married for 25 years. He had to watch my ex husband slowly take my spirit away. I never knew my current husband had feelings for me till after I got divorced. I was the love of his life and he made it known right after my split with the ex.

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