I was searching for a movie in my dad`s collection,so I found a CD named WOW.I was curious to see what`s on it,so I started the video and got shocked. My mom was on it, laying on the floor and her face was stomped by a woman`s foot. My dad`s voice could be heard as he was the camera man.The woman and dad were laughing at mom and forced her to kiss the woman`s feet. It didn`t seem to be a joke, as mom was almost crying. I got frozen when I saw that the woman was my brother`s wife. I`m kinda crazy & nervous. I don`t know what to do!

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  • One of my fav memories was when I was just learning about kink and dominance and submission. I was with the guy who had been telling me about it and he said when we arrived at his house I could tongue kiss his girlfriend and she would let me do that if he told her to.

    So I am super confused, excited, turned on and frightened all at the same time. We arrive at his house and his live in sub girlfriend answered the door and as he walked in he said the word mouth to her and she opened her mouth partly and he tongue kissed her then he turned to me and said kiss her. She stood there while I kissed her and he said put your tongue down as far as you can.

  • Did you ever consider your mother is a submissive?

    Before I fully surrended to my husband, I never could c**. Afterwards I c** all the time. I love when he commands me to make love to another woman. I'm in heaven. Especially if she is BBW. I'm small and thin and love a BBW's weight pressing against me.

    Then I c** like a water fall.

  • Don't do anything, it's their business

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