I got fired by an HR woman with weird eyes

When she was b******* about me making mistakes and how I needed to be terminated she looked like a bird of prey in the eyes. She kept saying as if a mantra "I've been getting calls" as in her fellow b****** were carping about my work performance. I had been there for six weeks and she thought I should have known the work by then. I mean I got every bit of three days training.

Looking in her face and listening to her diatribe I thought something was fishy about her.

I looked her up on Truthfinders and be damned if she has not only committed a felony crime shes on a government watch list.

How the H*** this mean-eyed bag keeps her job let alone get it the first place escapes me.

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  • That's funny today I f***** an HR woman with weird eyes. Strange that I come here and read this of all things. Man was her t*** yummy.

  • Revenge rape her in the a***

  • I second that. Double rape the b****. Yeah rape the HR woman. By the way what's an HR woman?

  • How does she keep her job? Easy. Just like a******* and sociopaths everywhere, it's a mix of politics (sucking up to the right people, bullying everyone else) and making everyone she doesn't like look bad. Actually doing her job is probably dead last on her priority list.

  • That's a popular practice in the US right now, can't imagine why for the life of me

  • Expose her.

  • Surely her company knows this.

  • If she knows the right people, that "knowledge" does not matter. How long have you lived on this planet?

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