Wife is hot

Been married to my wife for years, she has 3 daughters who are cute as a button, not my daughters. Her daughters are very conservative though, so I don't normally see them in anything revealing. Of course it also doesn't help they don't live with us, they are in their late twenties early thirties now. I came home from work today and all 4 of them were in the pool. They were all in their bikinis, and I couldn't wait to get out there to see them. When I did, I noticed right away that my wife has a waaaaay better body than any one of her 3 daughters. I ended up checking out my wife the whole time. She has way nicer t***, nicer legs, a nicer ass, nicer tummy, nicer tan, and all around nicer looks. My wife is 25+ years older than her daughters and she puts all 3 of them to shame. I'm gunna have to f*** my wife tonight, she's f****** hot.

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  • You are a lucky man. I too am married to a woman who puts her daughters to shame in the looks department. All these people on her writing about f****** their stepdaughters and you couldn't pay me to f*** one of mine.

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