I have been a cuck to my wife for years. Since before we were married, She first started f****** my friends, sometimes she'd let me watch, other times she'd bring men home. I've always enjoyed it but as our daughters get older I find myself enjoying the idea of them cucking me. I like the idea of coming home and fining them with a guy or a group of guys and my daughters telling me to shut the f*** up and watch.

I enjoy the idea of mom teaching them to humiliate me.

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  • Great fantasy

  • Yeah thats a good fantasy

  • Bruhhhh.... all was ok till you brought up you daughter in this s***, i really dont care bout anyone but imma say that dont get your daughter into this s***.... keep your and your wifes fetishes to yourselves, let them grow as they want

  • Will you shut theFUCKupINCEST loving sickFUCK.

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