Mother screwed my boyfriend

I can't believe that my own mother slept with my boyfriend. She didn't tell me and he didn't either. A mutual friend saw her leaving his apartment one day. She saw them kissing very passionately on the landing at his apartment building. She didn't tell me right away. But after seeing her leaving his place on several other occasions she finally dropped the dime on them and told me. I confronted my mother and she confessed that she was in love with him and they were in fact now sleeping together. I told him that we are done. I hate the fact that I live with my mother and I need to find a place on my own.

They are continuing to see each other and I don't care anymore. But I'm done with them both. I hope they will be happy together but I doubt it. They deserve each other. I wish the friend would have told me sooner when she first observed them kissing. Would have been better for all of us. I wouldn't have wasted 4 months trying to figure out why my boyfriend was blowing me off lately. I could have moved on much sooner. Probably found a place to live also. The funny thing is the whole reason I'm living with my mother in the first place was because she didn't want to be alone and begged me to move in with her after I was finished with college. I'm a school teacher and make decent money so I could have just got my own place. But then for her to start sleeping with my boyfriend that is just the lowest thing one can do. I wouldn't treat a dog the way she does to people she is supposed to love. Just venting.

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  • It's wrong. She has no respect for you. It so sad.

  • I f***** my girlfriends mother. And nope, we didn't tell my girlfriend neither.

  • Of course you didn't cause while you maybe a coward your not stupid. Just a smart guy with a tiny set of wee little b**** in my book. My ex boyfriend is a pig and so are you.

  • The truth is most guys would have done what he did. I probably would have given the chance. My first girlfriend, her mom was smoking hot. I would have hit that p**** so fast. I wasn't given the chance. She is still your mom though. Why don't you return the favor. I mean someday your mom will have a man and then why don't you f*** him. That would be really hot if you did. Then remind her of what she did.

  • Don’t hassle it. If your mom is hot any normal guy would want any chance he could get with her. The fact that she did this to you is terrible.
    I would move away and not even bother with her. Start over and don’t blame yourself. Just remember guys love s** so don’t slow down or punish him cause chances are he’ll just cheat on you

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