I want life to be perfect

I have always wanted life to be perfect. I wish it was more like a video game. So when something messes up you can just hit reset and start all over. Yeah I hate it when things don't go as planned. It bothers me so much that lately I hate life altogether. Life sucks. Why do things have to always happen to s**** things up. The list is too long for me to even tell you about. When I was a kid and I got a new toy. If it got a little scratch on it I would get really mad and then I would smash it with a brick or a hammer. Then I just started to put my toys up and not play with them so they wouldn't get messed up. I even have many of them to this day that are as perfect as the day they were made. People are the same way. You meet them and they are perfect. Then they do something to make you mad or not trust them like Lie. So I just stop seeing them or talking with them. I put them on a shelf so to speak. I bought a new pair of pants the other day and this kid at the food court got mustard on them when he put the mustard packet on the floor and stepped on it. The mustard went all over my nice new white designer jeans. I threw them out that night. His mother offered to have them cleaned. I explained that mustard would never come out of them and I just bought them. I told her they are only knew once. At $150.00 I like them when they are nice and new. I told her the thing to do was make sure her child doesn't step on a mustard pack for kicks. People I hate people who do dumb stuff like that. I want my life to be as perfect as possible and I don't appreciate others who mess that up for me. Sometimes I feel like it will never get any better and I should just kill myself and be done with it. But that would leave a mess and not be perfect thing to do. See I don't want to make someone's day not perfect like the police or fire that have to respond to my dead stinking rotting body.

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  • Life is seldom perfect. You need to get professional help from someone like myself. It's through people like you that my lifestyle I am able to keep at a high level. I really want a new boat. So please seek out help from a pro. I have office hours available. Thinking a Sea Ray.

  • Life *is* a video game. The frame rate an d graphics are awesome, particularly if you manage to unlock "Outside". There are also lots of NPCs who'll help you if you can master the "Conversation" skill. On the other hand, there are no save points and there's too much level-grinding.

  • Why do I vibe with this comment so much?

  • Life is perfect if you first realize that it's others who are messing things up and not you. I realized this many years ago. Then I stop talking with and seeing my relatives. They are some f***** up individuals who suck the fun out of life.

  • I know how you feel. I too wish my life was more perfect. It's other people in our lives who mess that up. I hope someone messes up their lives the way they do others. Yeah F UCK em all. Makes me so mad. So I feel your pain my friend. I hope things go well for you. I really do.

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