My wife's best friend and I had a one time affair while being directed by a Mexican barmaid but she is still interested, I can tell.
We had gone on a winter holiday to Mexico last winter, One night at the pool bar my wife had stumbled off to bed and her husband was passing out in his chair he was so drunk, She walked him to the room and returned saying she wanted to have a couple more drinks since it was the first time she had "Let loose" in years.
The staff at the bar had the tunes pumping and we were having a great time, they were feeding us shots and then they kind of started pushing me and her to do stuff together, She is not super hot or anything but not bad either. She has fake b**** and and average body, At one point they had stuffed a shooter between her b**** and got me to take it out with my mouth, after that they had gotten her up on the bar and filled her belly button with whatever we were drinking, I don't even remember but anyway I drank it out of her belly button and licked the trail of it off her stomach all the way up to her bikini top.
The staff kept pushing and we kept telling them we were not together but they had us touching and then some dancing and eventually she ended up back laying on the bar, little pools of booze on her belly and she was laughing and squirming as the bar maid pulled her top open and squirted whipped cream on each nipple then topped it with cinnamon and then they turned me to face her. She was just laughing and whatever and we were both drunk so I just did it, Licked the little pools of booze off her body and the trails where it had ran down her sides, I looked at her and she looked at me and then with the bar maid holding my hands behind my back I sucked one nipple clean and then the other taking my time to make sure and get a good suck of each nipple.
She has big, Round fake b**** with big, Pale pink areola and pretty much no nipple, Just flat, It was pretty much just me and her by the end and the bar maid, I don't know how the bar maid keeps her job but we ended up behind the bar with just the three of us and the bar maid was pushing for more and more and then she took us both in the back room, Turned me away from my wife's friend and pulled my trunks down far enough to get the tip of my already erect c*** out and covered it in whipped cream then spun me around. My wife's friend leaned forward and just sucked it off, No hesitation no second thoughts just sucked my k*** into her mouth and cleaned it off.
When she went to lift her head the bar maid pushed her head back down and she didn't even fight it, The barmaid is pushing her head up and down as my wife's friend was sucking me off, The bar maid pulled the stings on the sides of her bikini bottoms and my wife's friend never even thought about it as they fell to the floor. The bar maid stood her up, Moved a case of booze, Pushed her back onto a bench and before I knew it I was on top of my wife's friend, The bar maid grabbed my shaft with one hand, Reached around and grabbed my b**** in the other and my wife's friend was already grinding her hips as the bar maid stuffed my c*** inside my wife's friend.
I pounded my wife's friend while the bar maid kept telling us me harder, Softer, Faster, Slower and telling my wife's friend to tell me how good it felt and she was playing with my wife's friends nipples. I had my c*** in my wife's friend, My mouth sucking one of her nipples and my one hand up the bar maids skirt fingering her when my wife's friend said "Oh god, I'm gonna come, Come with me please", I was already right there and when she moaned "Oh god i love your d*** in me" I came with the bar maid massaging my b**** with one hand and my wife's friends nipple with the other.
We both finished coming and I pulled out...Well...Went limp and slid out and as she sat up she moaned "Oh god" and put her face in her hands breathing deep trying to catch her breath, She was twitching and shaking a little and I couldn't tell if she was upset or post coital. She whispered "I haven't came like that in a long time" then picked up her bottoms and tied them up with her big b**** still out then fixed her top and looked at me, She nervously bit her bottom lip and we both just stared at each other for a few seconds before she said "Uhhh...We need to talk", I said "Ya think" and she said "But not now...When we are sober", I said "You aren't going to say anything until then?", She shook her head and said "NOOOOO".
The next day we managed to get a few minutes alone and discussed how it was wrong and a mistake and that we should just forget about it but when ever we are alone she manages to drop a hint about it, She is going to get us busted I know it.

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  • If you are gonna cheat , use a fake name and find a stranger.

  • Never shyt where you eat if your going to play.Your only 1 person away from getting busted when you have a fling. You take it out of town, you don't play with anyone familiar with your circle of people, you don't leave text, emails or apps to be found. You don't raise red flags like guarding your phone like your life depended on it or keep sneaking off to talk in private. These things get noticed.

  • "you're" not "your".

  • Odds are good she will get you busted if she's one of those that just always has to talk

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