I hate my girlfriend.

I really don't like my girlfriend. She is ugly and has a really big mouth. She offends all my friends calling them useless and just nasty in general. I hate her so much. I pretend that I'm s******* someone else when we are having relations. Her body is ok. Small breast with a great ass. Although her butt smells bad. Not sure why but it really stinks. Maybe she needs to wipe better. I sure would like to dump her and find a new gal to be with. One that doesn't be so ignorant to my friends.

She also sometimes makes fun of my body saying that I'm a bit out of shape and my package could be bigger. Well she sure seems to want it a lot. We do it at least 3 or 4 times a week. I know she enjoys it more than I do. Sometimes I think she is sexy and other times not so much. I wish she would just stop being so loud and crude. She curses like a sailor using the "f" word and the "MF" way too much.

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  • Leave her now.

  • You need to get the h*** out of there. She is a pig and thinks she is better than all around her. Remember the look on her face when you tell her you are getting out of a bad relationship

  • You need to discuss with her and tell her that you like her very much because she is sweet and smart, but strongly dislike her behaviour. Be strict and clear, so that she understands you perfectly. If she refuses to change her behaviour, refuse to have any kind of s** or cuddling with her. If she leaves, good for you, because you removed uneccessary and annoying factor from your life.

  • Leave the wore and go find yourself someone you like. In the mean time you can always do like the rest of use and m*********. At least when I'm doing I'm looking at a gorgeous hot babe.

  • Just so you know. This is how you spell W h o r e. What you said is a tense of wear. Have a nice day.

  • I see wedding bliss in your future

  • I see a man loading one bullet into the chamber of a cheap five shot revolver. probably a Taurus and then putting it to his head. That's what I see.

  • Grow some b**** and leave her. You just don't want to be alone. That's why you are still with her. But your unhappy with the relationship and with her. Life is way too short to be stuck with someone that you really don't want to be with. Please listen to me. I know I was you. I was in a marriage with a woman I really didn't like for just over 10 years. It took lots of therapy before I was able to make the move. Wish I had done it much sooner. I was alone for a while about a year and a half. Now I'm with a wonderful woman who I'm very happy to be with. Get out now! Don't stick around like I did. It was horrible.

  • Yes you stay because of the p****. Find another woman first then leave her. You won't have to be alone. Plus you are more desirable to other women if you have one. So find a woman who will want to be with. Then dump the other one and watch her go crazy. It's dump or be dumped. Good luck to you let us know how it turns out.

  • It's truly amazing what some people will put up with just for a "great ass." That's the only reason you don't see a lot more hot homeless people.

  • Does she ever read this site?

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