My husband loves to be spanked, whipped, and other forms of torture. From the time we met not long after we started having s** he wanted to be spanked. He even gave me a wooden paddle to use on him. He so enjoyed having his bottom turned red and hot. His p**** would get so hard from the spanking. Then he wanted me to use a switch on him which would leave welts. If I didn't do it he said he would find someone who would. He loves to be treated as a sissy and whipped with belts or a leather flogger.

I have whipped him so badly that he bleeds. He loves it. Then we make love and it's so good. I enjoy pleasing him. Now he wants me to slap him across the face and inflict pain on his genitals. I'm afraid I will get arrested for battery as he ends up with black eyes and bruises all over his body. He pleads with me to inflict pain on him. I try to do what he likes but he's pushing the limits of what I'm comfortable with. He loves for me to bind him up in some crazy positions.

He is a wood worker and carpenter. He made a trestle that he lays over and his ankles and wrist are bound. Then I whip him with a cane. He really enjoys it. He says he wants me to try it. But I'm not into being whipped. I had enough of being spanked and whipped by my mother growing up. I prefer to have my bottom rubbed and caressed. He will ask me to whip him good and hard. I usually do and don't hold back. I must say that I do enjoy whipping the crap out of him sometimes as he can be a really a s s h o l e at times.

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  • My gf is 21 and I'm 33, she Ioves spanking me, whipping me, and does give my d*** and b**** some torture. Out in public, she grabs my b**** so hard. Once in store I refused to buy her shopping as it was $$$ and unnecessary, she grabbed my b**** in front of the gorgeous shop assistant and told me to shut the f*** up and buy it now. She held onto my b**** whilst I paid. We got to the car and I had a raging hard c***, she wanked me off there and then. At home she kicks my b****, slaps my d***, etc, I love it all

  • Baby you can whip me anytime. Then I will play hide the salami with you. Lets see which hole it goes in tonight. V***** or Hershey highway.

  • Oh yes baby please whip my ass. Make me bleed baby let me have it good. I love my ass all red and hot.

  • You can whip me anytime my love. I'm like so turned on when I read this. My wife won't do any of this with me. I so wish I had found a woman like you. Beat the SH IT out of him. I know he is enjoying it. One lucky son of a gun is all I can say.

  • A wife who spanks her husband will have him by the b****, to do with whatever she wants !

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